2 Easy Steps To Send A Birthday Greeting

Ways to send a birthday greeting include determining what mode you want to send the greeting, and creating and sending the greeting.

Birthdays are special occasions in every person's life. Usually, such event is celebrated with gifts and parties. Aside from sending 75th birthday gifts, one of the simplest and special strategies to let the celebrant know that she or he was thought of during his or her birthday celebration is to send a greeting.

Decide what mode you wish to send the greeting

* Electronic-card

An e-card, which is also known as an electronic card, is a greeting card that's sent through the internet. There are numerous sites that provide a myriad of card choices for numerous occasions, and not necessarily just birthdays. All you have to do is visit the site and select the "birthday" category. You will then be provided a view of their available birthday electronic-cards. Select which card will suit the emotion for the birthday greeting you desire to portray, as well as your relationship with the recipient.

* Postal mail card

Postal mail cards are a traditional way of sending birthday greetings. You can either purchase a ready-made greeting card from the store or make one yourself. Note down your message in the card and place the card in the envelope.

* Text message

Another alternative you can utilize to send a birthday greeting would be through a text message, which you'll send to the receiver's mobile phone, using your own cellphone. Most individuals today own at least one cellphone, that they carry with them almost every time. Therefore, you can be certain that sending a special birthday greeting through text message will most likely be read immediately.

* Singing telegram

A singing telegram is a great way to deliver a birthday greeting. A musical performer will go to the birthday celebrant's area and sign a music to this person.

Create and send the greeting

* Electronic-card

You can add a personal message into the card if you'd like to. After which, enter the recipient's name, her valid email address, your name, as well as your email address. Then click on "Send". Additionally, you'll get a message in your email address if the recipient has already seen the card you've sent.

* Post mail card

When sending a postal mail card, all you have to do is close and seal the envelope with the card inside. Attach the suitable stamp and write down on the front, middle section of the envelope the full name of the receiver and his complete address. You should also write your name and address on the top left corner of the envelope.

* Text message

Text messages, however, would require the recipient's mobile phone number to send your greeting successfully. Make your birthday greeting in the "New Message" location of your mobile phone just like any other text message. Then, type in the receiver's cell phone number and hit "Send".

* Singing telegram

Find a singing telegram company in the recipient's area on the web. Contact the company and complete the necessary transactions. In case you plan to deliver the singing telegram in the celebrant's office, make sure you ask for permission from the celebrant's business office if this is okay.

You need to take into consideration the relevance of how you want to send the greeting to the celebrant. You would obviously refrain from sending an e-card to your grandfather who does not have access to a computer.

Written by Patricia Strasser. Find out more 75th birthday gifts by going to http://www.lifeonrecord.com/Unique/Birthday/Gift-Idea/75th/Unique-75th-Birthday-Gift-Idea.htm

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