3 Effective Ways to Clean Your Shower Screens

Have you been so irritable at a glance of your dirt shower screen? Isn't it frustrating to deal with it early in the morning before you take a shower? But wait. Is this even a job that you're supposed to be doing? Though you can hire a house cleaning service, you surely can save money from knowing how to clean your shower screens all by yourself. It helps to have a clean budget and be responsible homeowner as well.

So, if you want to be good at this, here the three effective ways to clean your shower screens:

When in doubt, use white vinegar

White vinegar should be a mainstay in your home not only as an ingredient for cooking or preparing meals but also to clean different parts of your home, especially your shower screen. Just pour in an ample amount of white vinegar in a container and spray it on your glass shower screen. You can rub it off with a non-scratch pad in order to retain the slide and gloss of your glass screen. However, make sure to wash the dirt and the white vinegar residue with warm water. This is a sure way to clean that shower screen without hiring a house cleaning company.

The magic baking soda

Another home cleaner that you should keep inside your property is baking soda. This is another effective house cleaning remedy that you can use to clean your shower screen. First thing to do is wet the area where there is dirt. Then, apply enough baking soda on the area and rub it off with a cloth. Make sure to rinse it off with warm water.

Lemon juice and salt on metal

If you're problem is a metal shower screen or a door frame in your bathroom, you can get by with a tablespoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of salt to make a paste. Apply this in the area where there's rust. With a toothbrush, used for home cleaning, brush that area. Let the formula sit for a few minutes before washing it with warm water. This formula is also a proven house cleaning remedy that you can use on rusty feels in the different areas of your home.

The good thing about knowing these effective ways to clean your shower screen is that you can apply this to the rest of your house that needs cleaning. If you're about to call for a residential cleaning service, might as well try this first. It wouldn't take much toll on your time and in your money. You can save and do yourself a favor - that is, be responsible in cleaning your own home.

With these tips, you can easily get over the irritability that dirty shower screens give you. You can be proud of yourself, too. If you have friends or relatives struggling with this, you can share these three effective house cleaning tools and ways to get rid of dirt and have a squeaky clean shower screen.

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