4 Amazing Fiftieth Birthday Gift Ideas For a Techie

Wonderful fiftieth birthday gift suggestions for a techie include old tech, latest version of yesterday's technology, music and also films of the past, and gift certificate.

Purchasing a gift for an individual who's about to turn 50 years old can be hard. If the celebrant is a techie, there are many gift options available that range from silly to exaggerated. Base your selection of gift item on the personality of the receiver, the budget you've, and your relationship with this individual.

Old tech

Giving an individual an "old tech" item must be accompanied with a good sense of humor that will convey a sense of the past. This type of gift item will be ideal for an individual who appears to have everything and is tough to find a gift for. One great suggestion of gifts of this kind will be a traditional bag phone, that is the predecessor of the mobile phones of today and the CRT TVs. You'll most likely find these things only from "pre-owned" sources like flea markets, antique dealers, and vintage stores. Include a comical card with a message concerning the fondness of the birthday celebrant for old technology to complete the gift.

Latest version of yesterday's technology

Another techie object which is also viewed as one of the finest unique 50th birthday gifts you can give is a latest version of an old-tech item. For example, if the birthday celebrant loves playing music regularly, you can give him an electronic digital turntable, that is similar to a record player and yet runs MP3 recordings. Other modernized techie items will be a selection of recipes embedded in a computer's memory, barbecue tools which have electronic readings, and a metal sensor which has an LCD monitor instead of a bar gauge.

Music and movies of the past

Another gift idea you could give a tech-loving individual who is about to celebrate his fiftieth birthday would be music and films of the past 5 decades. Purchase an external hard drive with a great capacity to hold loads of data. Then, determine the blockbuster or renowned movies which were made and shown about fifty years ago. You can easily search these online. Simply type the keyword "best films of the 1960s" on your search browser. You will then be shown a page of many websites which will provide the details. You can select whichever site you wish to open and base your selection on. Look for the movie titles and download them into your computer. You'll need to have an application that will allow you to download motion pictures online. After you've downloaded them, transfer them immediately to the hard drive. Do the same thing for songs that were a hit during the celebrant's younger years.

Gift certificate

Although a gift certificate would not offer much meaning, it would, however, give the person a chance to purchase things which he truly want or need. You can give the birthday celebrant a gift certificate from a famous techie store. For example, if she or he is an avid music listener, a gift certificate of an electronic music shop will surely be appreciated.

An external hard disk is a handy gadget that will let you save several files, such as music and movies. It can also be a great gift for a techie.

Written by Patricia Strasser. Discover unique 50th birthday gifts by visiting http://www.lifeonrecord.com/Unique/Birthday/Gift-Idea/50th/Unique-50th-Birthday-Gift-Idea.htm

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