5 Easy Ways to Prevent Rodents From Invading Your Home

There is no worse feeling than having a bunch of rodents running amuck in your home. Rats and mice in your house will make you uneasy and literally jump off your seat at the slightest movement. Rats and mice can enter your home through small cracks and spaces, eat your food, gnaw at your wires, your clothes and your books and even spread disease. The worst part about it is how fast they reproduce; two little mice can turn into ten or twenty in a very short time. If you want to keep rodents from invading your home, you should try the following.

Mind the weather

Most rodent infestations will occur during fall and winter when it is too cold outside and they are looking for shelter indoors. At the end of summer, you need to start making repairs in your home. Fix any cracks, damaged screens, vents and crawl spaces where the rats can gain entry to your home. You should also target areas where utility pipes enter the wall and seal them with caulking material.

Install door sweeps

Small rodents such as mice can squeeze themselves into tight spaces to enter your home. The space between the door and the floor is one such space that they can get through. You should install a door sweep, which is a rubbery attachment to the bottom of the door that makes sure this space is tightly sealed and nothing can get through.

Screen your vents and chimney openings

You can buy screens for the vents and chimney openings. The screens are made up of a mesh, which allows air to pass through but traps all solids from getting through. The chimney is one of the most easily forgotten places when it comes to rodent infestation. Install screens in the vents as well to prevent them from crawling through.

Garbage and food

Another reasons why rodents will come to your home is when they are in search of food. They like nibbling on every morsel of food they can come across and this is why you need to keep your home very clean. Avoid eating anywhere outside the dining area because pieces of food can easily land under your dresser or bed and no one will clean it up. Keep all food in sealed containers and store it away in the kitchen cabinets or fridge. Leaving food out in the open is like bait to rodents. You should not leave the garbage in the house overnight. You should take the garbage out once the garbage bin is full.

Inspect any packages brought to your home

Not all the rodents that end up on your home come in under your door or through your chimney; some are delivered right to your doorstep by the mailman! Small rodents can easily end up trapped in boxes, parcels and suitcases only to be unleashed into your home. You should inspect boxes, grocery bags and any other package brought to your home that could be ferrying the furry little creatures.

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