5 Eye-Opening Things You May Not Know About US Presidents

1. Most US presidents were 33 degree Freemasons. There are some excellent websites documenting this in detail. Those presidents who claimed to be Christian while practicing freemasonry should have at least been questioned because the 2 cannot exist together, as any true Christian should tell you Freemasonry is an occult practice.

Freemasons rule most major nations. It is the world's biggest fraternity. As well as most US presidents, many other world rulers have been 33 degree Masons such as soviet President Joseph Stalin... and many British Prime Ministers like Winston Churchill.

NASA astronauts were Freemasons. Just about every major corporation was founded by a Freemason, including RCA records, McDonalds and Walmart... I digress.

2. Most US presidents are related to each other. Out of the 43 presidents, 34 are related to King Charlemagne 800 AD. It has also been established that 19 of them are directly descended from King Edward III. In fact, it has been shown that whoever is the closest related in bloodline will win the presidential candidacy.

This disproves the debunkers. They cannot use the claim that we are all related in some way to a handful of individuals from many, many years ago before the population explosion because the presidents came from specific bloodlines within bloodlines.

Many of those in high places; ex-presidential candidates, high ranking politicians or major corporate players are also related to the presidents within these specific bloodlines...

3. In light of the above #1 it is said that the presidents have been involved in occult rituals. For example, reports have come out claiming that there have been occult rituals performed every summer at Bohemian Grove, a camp located at Monte Rio California. Besides presidents the rituals have been attended by other world leaders involving sacrifices to a 40ft owl statue known as Moloch a god or king.

4. There were an extraordinary number of synchronicities or 'coincidences' connecting the assassinations of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy:

Lincoln was an elected congressman in the year 1846 Kennedy was an elected congressman in the year 1946

Lincoln was elected to the Whitehouse as president in the year 1860 Kennedy was elected to the Whitehouse as president in the year 1960

Both were concernedly involved in civil rights. Both their wives lost children while dwelling at the White House

Both were assassinated on a Friday with gunshots to the head This is where it gets even stranger...

President Lincoln's secretary was someone called Kennedy President Kennedy's secretary was someone called Lincoln

Both presidents were then succeeded by someone having the Johnson surname In Lincoln's case it was Andrew Johnson born 1808 and in Kennedy's Lyndon Johnson born 1908!

It was John Wilkes Booth who assassinated Lincoln, born in 1839. It was Lee Harvey Oswald who assassinated Kennedy, born in 1939.

The 2 assassins each had three names made up of 15 letters

The strangeness continues: Lincoln was shot at the Ford Theatre and Kennedy was shot in a motorcar called Lincoln made by Ford motors

After shooting president Lincoln in a theatre the assassin then ran to a warehouse to hide Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and assassin then ran to a theatre to hide

-Quite an eye-opener don't you think?

5. Presidents have shown to have ties to major private corporate business interests to such an extent that the main direction of governance for the country has little to do with the choices of the American people; those people who they should have been serving. As more and more laws have been made to favour the elite with their private corporate business interests' democracy has received some serious questioning.

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