5 Misconceptions About Auto Glass Repair

There's a lot that can be done to get rid of those little annoying marks on your windshield. However, like many homeowners, you may have been misinformed about auto glass repairs. You may think that this kind of repair will cost you a fortune or make you leave your car for days at the garage but none of this is true. We are going to debunk some common myths surrounding auto glass repairs and provide you with accurate information to get the help you need fast and effectively.

You can always fix the chip yourself

While there are dozens of auto glass repair kits available in the market, none of them can do the job right like a professional. Cheap repair kits often do a shoddy job and you'll have to incur the cost of getting an auto technician to repair the glass. So instead of going through the hassle of trying to repair your own windshield, you need to trust a professional to do the job right the first time.

You have to take your car for auto repairs where the insurance tells you

Your insurance company will certainly suggest some auto repair companies that you need to consider taking your car to. But the law gives you the freedom to take your car to any repair technician you want and the insurance company will still make the required payments. Don't be forced to take your car to a glass technician that offers substandard services just because you have been told to by your insurer.

Your windshield will not be safe after repairs

If windshield replacement services are done by qualified technicians, you shouldn't worry about your safety because they have used the right equipment and techniques to install the new windshield. The windshield will still prevent you from being ejected if you happen to be involved in a collision. Modern windshields are strong enough to support the roof if the car rolls during an accident.

Your insurance company will raise premiums immediately after repairs

Insurance companies can cover the cost of most auto glass repairs. However, if you require a complete windshield replacement, you may be required to cover part of the cost. The issue that most people have that prevents them from seeking the necessary auto glass repairs has to do with the increase in premiums. Damage to your windshield is usually not caused by the driver and hence shouldn't be a reason for the insurance company to charge a higher premium.

You don't need to repair multiple small chips

Small chips need to be repaired as soon as they start forming. If you ignore those small chips they tend to spread and form bigger ones and your windshield may eventually need to be replaced which is a costlier exercise. As a rule of thumb, don't wait for long before seeking any type of glass repairs. As soon as the technician recommends your car needs to be repaired, plan on having that done.

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