5 Step Sales Formula For Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing programs are a great way to start a home based internet business. There is a basic 5 step formula that all successful affiliates follow, regardless of the products or service that they are selling.

1. Lead Capture Page.

It is unlikely that anyone who visits a sales page for the first time will buy from you there and then. Therefore, to remain in contact with a potential customer you need to persuade them to join your email list. The primary purpose of a lead capture page is to get your prospect to enter their email address into your opt-in form in exchange for something of value for free. This could be a free report or video tutorial.

2. The Download Page.

After your prospect enters their email address, you can email them the freebie that you promised. However don't just send them the link for the PDF or video. Create a download page that contains the download link and more importantly an advertisement for a high-converting paid offer which is closely related to what they originally opted in for. When people buy this offer, it allows you to recoup some, or ideally all, of the affiliate advertising costs that you incurred driving traffic to the squeeze page.

3. Main Offer Follow-Up.

Of course, not everyone will buy from you as soon as they have opted into your email list. The next step is to follow-up with a series of emails that explain the benefits of your product or service. On average it takes a prospect 7 points of contact with a product before they buy and that's one of the reasons why the follow up emails are so crucial.

4. Provide Value.

Not everyone will buy the particular product that you are selling at this time. But that does not mean that they no longer have a need for your product. They may not be ready to buy for any number of reasons. One common issue is that they have not yet come to trust you. So be sure to help them solve their problems by providing as much value as possible. As they start to see the benefit of the information you provide, they will be much more likely to buy products or services from other affiliate programs you recommend you in the future.

5. Promote Related Products.

While trust-building is an ongoing process, you should also recommend good quality products from other affiliate marketing programs that are related to what they first opted into your list for. You will always make more money with high ticket items than just selling low-priced offers all the time, but this is only possible when you have a trusted relationship with the people on your list.

Regardless of your age, education or technical skills there are no specific requirements for being successful with affiliate marketing. However you will be more successful if you have a solid business model to work from, clear direction and support. If you don't know where to start or you're not achieving the online success that you want, check out this FREE Affiliate Marketing Business Series.

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