5 Ways To Incorporate Modern Art In Your Home

By Stephan Schoeppler

Art has been used today in so many different forms. You will find beautiful pieces of art in magazines, billboards and food packages advertising certain brands. Other times art has been used to offer information in a commercial setting in order to entice consumers to buy a certain product or service. This is basically where commercial art begun.

When creating a modern home, many people only focus on the type of furniture they will add in to achieve a perfect setting. However, it is worth knowing that furniture alone isn't sufficient to create an excellent modern living space. Contemporary decor has to do with art and function. Although furniture will make your home look awesome, adding a bit of art will turn your space around. So how do you use modern art at home? 1. Modern paintings

Given that modern decor makes everyone imagine they're in the art gallery, you can go ahead and give your guests and family what they anticipate. You can set a beautiful scene in your home by hanging pieces of contemporary art for everyone to see.

2. Modern wall tapestries

In addition to great paintings, you can hang modern wall tapestries on your walls and give your home that contemporary look. These pieces do not only come with a modern design but they add a sense of freshness to any room as well. Although modern decor ought to be stiff and crisp, remember it is your home and hence the need to create that homely feel. You can reach that balance through a woven creation such as a contemporary wall tapestry.

3. Modern sculpture

Whether abstract or geometric, you possibly know how it feels to move to a modern sculpture and appreciate it. A three-dimensional object has something that attracts viewers for a better view. While most of the contemporary decor is minimalist, you can still select a few modern sculpture pieces to brighten up the space in your house.

4. Modern furniture

Not many people know that furniture can be artistic. You can choose home furniture that reflects the artistic aspect as well as the furniture aspect. So whether it's your glass-top accent table that reflects modern furniture or a unique chair, that is art and you should let your furniture to be part of your home art.

5. Modern floral arrangements

Although floral arrangements may not get into your mind quickly when you'd like to decorate your space in a contemporary style, you can find numerous floral arrangements out there that suit the modern setting. While they may not comprise of the usual flower bouquets of carnations and roses, these works of art consist of various stems, flowers and foliage pieces. Often, these pieces have simple blooms.

Once you select the modern art that you'd like to include in your home, note that you can take more steps to make it the centre of attraction. When installing light fixtures in the room, consider the position of your modern art (centre of attraction) and ensure they receive proper light illumination.

Once you agree on the type of modern art you would like to add to your living space, you can find a gallery that will meet your needs. Start your search online to see what you can get in your locale. Usually, searching the name of a specific artist can get you what you're looking for

Stephan Schoeppler is an abstract artist living in Destin, Florida. He specializes in Modern Abstract Art and Contemporary Art. He also creates Commercial Art as well as Art by Commission. http://artbystephanos.com

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