7 Tips on How You Can Turn A Long Flight Into A Comfortable Trip

By Patricia Strasser

If you want to have a comfortable trip during a long flight, make sure you use the pillows the airline provides you, stretch and flex occasionally, moisturize if you have dry skin, bring lots of gum with you, wear slip-on footwear, bring prescribed pain medication if you have any broken bones, and consider flying charter.

Some travelers are uncomfortable thinking about taking a long flight. Whether you choose to fly on a charter plane or on the economy class of a commercial airline, long trips do not have to be uncomfortable. The following tips can help you turn your long flight into a comfortable one:

Utilize the pillows given to you

Oftentimes, airline companies give pillows to passengers during long flights. To help prevent or ease back pains, you can put one of the pillows in between the back rest of your seat and your lower back. The pillow can also provide support for your neck during the flight. Scrunch it so that it will be more comfortable for your neck.

Do stretches occasionally

Your muscles tend to become sore and cramped when they are left immobile for a long time. You can avoid this discomfort by stretching or flexing your muscles from time to time. You can twist your torso slowly by keeping your hand fixed on the armrest. Also, when you are allowed to take your seat belt off, you can take a walk down the aircraft aisle to stretch your legs. Also, rotating your ankle in semi-circles can help ease the discomfort caused by swollen feet. This will help improve blood circulation. You could also occasionally flex and extend your feet.

Apply moisturizer if your skin is dry

Long-lasting moisturizing creams or petroleum jelly is advisable for travelers who have dry skin. Light moisturizers will not be able to stay long on your skin because of the dryness of the air inside the aircraft. Don't forget to moisturize your legs if you are wearing leggings, stockings or tight pants because they may become itchy if they dry out.

Bring along chewing gum

Air pressure changes during flight will cause your ear to pop and you can avoid this discomfort by chewing some gum. Air pressure changes are possible during the flight as well as during take-off or landing. Mint-flavored gum will also be soothing for you during the flight.

Put on slip-on footwear

Your feet may swell during the flight and so you might want to remove your footwear. It will be better if you choose footwear that you can easily wear and remove.

Bring along your pain medication if you have broken bones

Make sure you have pain medication prescribed from your doctor if you have a broken bone or any injuries. You will feel extreme pain on your broken bones during the compression that happens in-flight.

Consider charter flights

Charter planes offer more personalized service to meet the needs of their customers. The plane staff will focus their attention on you and make sure you are comfortable and safe. Traveling by charter plane means that you reserve the whole plane; therefore, you do not have to worry about the other passengers or about your baggage. This will let you kick back and enjoy the trip.

You can make the most out of your flight and avoid any discomforts by making the necessary preparations.

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