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  • Visit Family Without Backsliding!
  • by David Gruder
  • You know all the growth you've done since your last family visit? And those vows about the different ways you'll behave with them this time? Well, no matter how good your intentions, you may be at risk of kissing some of that great progress good-bye, at least temporarily, when you're with your family. Here are some tips for greatly reducing that possibility. Don't do your next family visit without first reviewing this vital tips!
  • Life Balance: Mastery or Myth?
  • by Ada Porat
  • Is life balance even possible in the overwhelm of modern society? Balance is about choice - and the choice is yours! Here are some quick practical strategies to help unclutter your life and free up your time for the things that really matter in life.
  • Tips for wary log furniture buyers
  • by Mike Messer
  • Choosing a log furniture internet dealer can often be a difficult task. Log furniture is a niche market and not as readily available as conventional furniture. This poses a bit of a dilemma. Here are some tips to help you make the right desision.