A Cause For Autism Has Been Revealed. Is This True?

There are many speculations and research suggestions as to what causes autism. At the present time, there maybe some inklings to what does cause autism. For example:

* Possible environmental influences
* Certain types of infections before giving birth
* Genetic considerations
* Complications of delivering the child at birth
* Trauma during pregnancy
* Types of diets or changes in diets

There have been people not always experts in the field, stating autism is caused from mercury in the vaccinations, lack of vitamin B6, the list goes on and on. But there has been no truth in all of the speculation or research that there is one cause.

Most of the expert studies lean more towards, genetic problems that contribute to the disorder. That is not always the case either. Studies reveal it is not just one gene that causes autism. There could be several and genetics alone do not give an explanation for the cause of autism, to give a concrete fact or truth.

Autism is a behavioral issue which means, the individuals who have the disorder, usually display behaviors that are extremely difficult to manage and understand. Due to this fact, the testing for autism is not always through biological tests that reveal the cause of autism.

Each individual with the disorder of autism is unique and carries many gifts and talents, but they also carry behavioral problems that are challenging to manage.

At the present time, there has been no conclusive facts to reveal the cause of autism that it is caused from one source, such as dietary changes, immunizations or vaccinations, toxins in the environment or certain birth problems.

I have learned through my relationships with children who have autism and their families, that autism is not caused by imperfect parenting.

There is extensive research being conducted this very day and every day to investigate the cause of autism, so it can be revealed as the truth of what causes it. It remains to be unresolved but there is hope.

Many theories, studies and continue research that is being done to find out the real cause of autism. It is frustrating when you are a parent(s) of a child with the disorder of autism and you have no clue of the cause that you want revealed as the truth to help you better understand the disorder.

This is why, autism is considered to be a mystery because there are no concrete, conclusive cause for autism that can be revealed as the truth. The medical and scientific experts are working to find a cause that can contribute to the disorder of autism and then reveal it as the truth.

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