A Complete Guide to Teeth Whitening Options

The sight is brownish or discolored teeth can be embarrassing and nasty to look at for most people; hence, if you are a victim, consider teeth whitening. With changing technologies in the industry, there are various trends and options available to help people bring back their pearly white dental. To choose the right method, patients must be aware of the different alternatives available for consultation with a qualified dental expert.

Whitening teeth is a cosmetic dental procedure performed to conceal stained teeth. It is a common trend in this industry and involves bleaching to remove the stains and achieve a better and brighter smile. Many different factors contribute to the discoloration of teeth with the most common being the foods and beverages we consume. Some drinks and foods like soda, tea, red wine, berries, and coffee will stain your teeth when used for long. Also, smoking and some antibiotics like tetracycline can cause discoloration. Still, some people have naturally yellowish teeth due to genetic factors.

Different Whitening Options

The market is full of various whitening options due to the popularity of this trend. Dentists can perform the procedure in two major ways namely; do it yourself or in office.

In-Office Procedures

A cosmetic dentist can execute the procedure with quicker and proven results. To get your smile back, the dentist uses three leading practices that include

Laser- It is popular and involves coating teeth with a hydrogen peroxide solution and then exposing them to mercury halide pulse light to break the hydrogen peroxide in the gel. It works by oxidizing the stains to give a white glow.

Internal bleaching- The dentist drills the teeth then fills the hole with a special whitening gel which is replaced later with a permanent filling. Dentists recommend internal bleaching to patients who have surgically desensitized or removed the nerve ending in the teeth.

Porcelain veneer- It is recommended for patients with gaps between their teeth. The surface works as a shell around the teeth and conceals the chips and stains for a better smile.

Do It at Home Procedures

Patients on a tight budget can consider this option from the comfort of your home. However, whatever whitening toothpastes and solutions you choose should be good and recommended by your dentist. It involves brushing your teeth with a recommended toothbrush and paste consistently to get the desired effect. You can also use a tooth mold and gel. The mold is filled with a whitening gel and worn on the teeth for about an hour. To achieve better results, you require performing the procedure for at least a month.

Results and After the Whitening Procedures

The results of this procedure vary from person to person since not all teeth react to whitening in equal measure. In most cases, the results will depend on the color of the stain, yellow stains respond faster than gray stains. Therefore, consult your dentist beforehand to recommend the best whitening treatment to suit your needs. The results may not last forever; averagely, they take between several months and one year. Nevertheless, you can prolong the results by avoiding bad oral health habits.

William works at Be Well Dental as a dental expert. His services include guidance and counseling on matters dental health. He has years of experience in handling cases of both small and severe teeth damage. Click here to learn more about Be Well Dental teeth whitening service.

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