A Grand Canyon National Park Helicopter Tour Will Add Excitement, Fun To Your Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving vacation is a great time to visit Vegas, and since you'll be so close, you should visit the Grand Canyon too. Just keep in mind if you decide to go that this is one of the busiest times of the year at the Canyon. Therefore, you need to book your tour early and buy it online so your seats are locked in ahead of time.

Buying your tour online will save you money since you'll bypass agent fees and other surcharges from third party sellers. You might save as much as 35 percent, and that can really add up if you have a large family.

To get these low rates, you have to buy your seats online so you can use the low Internet rate. Just use your credit card and pay for the seats at one of the trusted tour operator websites. This locks in the lowest rate and gives you almost instant access to your tickets.

Take A Vegas Tour To The West Or South Rim

West Rim tours are very popular with vacationers in Vegas, but it isn't the only option. The South Rim is not as busy, but it is worth considering if you're mainly interested in scenic views. Flights to the Canyon take off from Vegas every day of the year except for Christmas Day. Flights leave before sunrise and fly until sunset, and the earliest and latest tours are often the best.

When you take a West Rim tour from Vegas, you can take an air-only tour or one that lands on the top or bottom of the Canyon. Each landing tour come with different adventures, or you can combine them to experience all the West Rim has to offer.

Landing tours cost more than air-only tours, but the extra cost is worth it. One of the more popular tours is the one that lands on the bottom of the West Rim. You can add things to this tour like a boat ride on the Colorado River, and you can even fly back to the top of the rim so you can walk on the Skywalk. The Skywalk is a massive glass bridge that allows you to look all the way to the Canyon floor that's 4000 feet below you.

All of the helicopter flights that depart from Vegas include a Lake Mead and Hoover Dam flyover on the way to the Canyon, and if you buy a deluxe tour, you get a flyover of The Strip as well.

Touring The South Rim

Helicopters don't fly directly from Vegas to the South Rim, instead, you'll book a tour that includes an airplane flight to the South Rim where you'll hop on a helicopter in Tusayan for the aerial tour of the rim.

There are two main tour options at the South Rim. A 30-minute flight goes to the North Rim and circles back. Then there is the highly recommended 50-minute tour that goes to the North Rim and over to the eastern edge of the park. The 50-minute tour flies over about 75 percent of the whole national park.

Helicopters are not allowed to land inside the Canyon at the South Rim, but you can combine a ground tour with a helicopter flight. For instance, you can book a Jeep tour that gives you a close look at the natural scenery inside the park.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the options available for Thanksgiving tours of the Canyon, it's time to choose the tour that sounds most fun to you. Pick a flyover or landing tour, you are sure to find something that fits your budget and interests. Be sure to get the best deal by booking online and buying your tour early so you can save money and lock in your seats on a tour of a lifetime.

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