A Working Day For An Affiliate Marketer

Is being an affiliate marketer hard work or a tedious chore? What's the average working day like? In this article, we will try and lay aside some of the myths and misconceptions regarding the daily routine of an affiliate marketer.

Modern technology has made this business a lot easier now compared with the days when individuals were required to use telephones, faxes, the dreaded snail mail along with other tedious mediums for either sending information and products or gathering information.

The internet has truly revolutionized the work at home opportunities, especially for affiliate marketers since we do not have to hold any inventory or engage face to face with customers.

So how exactly does a typical workday, for an affiliate marketer, begin and end?

Upon getting up and after having a leisurely breakfast, the computer system is turned on to see what the day will bring. The first item on the agenda is the clearing of emails. This is done once in the morning and once late in the afternoon. In the morning, we only look at business related emails i.e. emails that really require attention. All personal and secondary emails can be viewed late afternoon.

If you are in the habit of looking at either emails or social media site throughout the day at random intervals then you will not be surprised when you don't achieve any productive work. Have to admit, though, checking emails and social media can be very seductive; it's like an addiction for some people.

Next on the agenda, it's time to check the stats. Very important to keep a close eye on sales, affiliates, refunds, advertising campaigns and the general administration of business admin items.

The above items usually take about 60 to 90 minutes, time for a coffee. Now it's time to get on with the really important work and that is driving targeted traffic. There are many sources of traffic and numerous methods for getting said traffic. This work usually takes us up to lunch time; that is if you are having a lunch time.

After lunch, it's time to review products, source new products and ideas, look at new advertising campaigns and, of course, catch up with Joint Venture items such as affiliates etc. This usually takes up the better part of the afternoon, but it's also the time when we plan for the next day and for future items.

This part of the day's work can be quite intense as there are a lot of resources to figure out and a lot going on. Advertisements, banners, SEO article marketing, email campaigns etc. Have to confess that most of this is outsourced otherwise it would be impossible to do it all in house. Even keeping on top of outsourcers can be very time-consuming and requires focused attention to detail.

By late afternoon, depending upon the mood, it's not unusual to carry on working through to early evening or then again stop for an early bite to eat.

Although there is no commuting involved and the work is not too arduous or demanding it can still take a lot of your time and it's not unusual to be working late into the evening or night, just to catch up with the workload. This is especially true if you are promoting somebody's new product launch. If you want to capitalize on a new product launch, as an affiliate, then you will need to put some serious time and effort promoting your unique sales pitch.

So if you think this lifestyle would suit you then go for it. Just remember that you will be owning and running your own business and as a business owner everything is down to you. If you speak with most successful business owners they will tell you that they put in more time and effort than if they were in a 9 to 5 job.

Speaking of 9 to 5; there is no such concept when you own and run your own business. This includes the concept of a 5-day working week. You put in the time that is necessary. Sounds tedious and scary, doesn't it, but on the plus side you can take time off whenever you want, fit in with your families commitments etc.

Just one final note before we move on. You only get out of the day, or your life for that matter, what you put into it. The feeling of satisfaction at the end of a long day is usually very gratifying and if you get it right the financial rewards can be equally satisfying.

Is that success looming on the horizon? Roll on tomorrow.

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