Abortion Logistics: Controlling Resources

Any social discussion that is attempting to create change has to have a web presence. The online discussion format is not only the most efficient way to start up these conversations, but also to maintain them and share life-saving information and resources. Abortion logistics are one of the most important topics of interactive discussion on web outlets today, creating a safe space for recipients of the procedure. Despite the archaic legislation that polices the bodies of women, and individuals of other gender identities who can become pregnant, there is a strong community of people on open forums willing to talk about the issues surrounding abortion procedures, and the medical and emotional care individuals may need before, during and after the abortion itself.

Social media has been an incredible tool for activists. During the filibuster performed last year by Texas state senator Wendy Davis, sites showed that her act of political protest was a trending topic. Even more specifically, I witnessed whole communities of witches, pagans and Christians coordinating spell-work and prayers in order to send her strength and support. This tells us two things about the important power that these types of sites wield when it comes to community interaction. Even very niche groups, like religious sects and communities, are getting and responding to the information they share with one another online. The level of organization witnessed when Davis was performing her filibuster was swift, fluid and effective. These are the same people who are pulling for more resources for abortion patients, and can often be found on outlets that organize and share this type of information. Secondly, it tells us how many people we have the potential to reach, communicate with and learn from through real time commentary on the events, and legislation that actively shapes the way in which we experience and access abortion resources. Even though anti-abortion activists want us disconnected from one another so that we cannot create real change, it becomes difficult to do even that when we have passion, creativity and cyberspace on our side.

However, these communities only stay useful and active as long as we continue using these channels to reach out to one another. Many activist movements fizzle out because of lack of communication and event planning, but it looks like public health, abortion access and care are all becoming incredibly vital issues to the future of a feminist movement for equality and liberation. Its success will depend on how bad we want it, how hard we push, and how many of these conversations and events we have. The next protest march, health center or resource forum can all start with you, and one conversation on a website.

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