Affordable Apartments for Sale in Colombo

Real Estate Buildings are now being built on a large scale in Colombo to cater to the people who demand a modern lifestyle. High rise buildings are coming up in Colombo, Sri Lanka with modern amenities and facilities. The high rise is 20 strayed and more with state-of-art building and is made up of Premium residential condominium, high end shopping and recreational space for those in search of a prime location with a touch of luxury and style. These apartments for sale are available at affordable price in Colombo.

Apartments with 3, 4 BHKs :

The residential section of the building consists of 3, 4 BHKs and Penthouses. Other facilities include a gym, swimming pool, party places with barbeque facilities and parks for children, lounges, fully fitted recreational areas, meeting rooms, residential lobby, etc. Modern elevators are there which ensure speed, security and privacy of the residents. The apartments are centrally air-conditioned. Electricity from the national grid with ring sub is situated in the building. Back-up generator power to selected points and individually metered.

Parking, shops and other facilities :

The apartments for sale also apartment retail shops, market at the ground floor and is the home to premium retail establishments such as Mango and Nike to name a few. This development brings the most sophisticated automated parking systems based on Korean technology to Sri Lanka and the facility can accommodate more than 300 vehicles. Other facilities include 24 *7 Security with onsite OIC present to overlook operations, Wi-Fi facilities, Centralized Antennas for Satellite TV(individual antenna need not be installed). These apartments also have access control system for privacy.

The Specification of the total structure:

The structure is made of specialized high graded tension slabs. The walls are made up of cellular bricks which are imported and have high fire and sound proof rating. Doors are made with solid timber finished with imported ironmonger. Acrylic and emulsion paints are used for painting. Floors are made of natural wood and tiles. Plumbing is of high quality and all connections are connected to the main municipal sewer lines. The ceiling is made of normal plastered ceiling and false ceiling is optional. Door to door garbage collection is also available. Firefighting systems at each level are also available. Pipe LP Gas is available.

The price list for these apartments:

The price for 3BR Apartments range from US $ 275,000 to US $ 504,000, 4 BR Apartments range from US $ 550,000 to US $ 690,000. Limited Penthouses are sold at US $ 1.65 Million. Payment mode can be in installments or down payment. Installment payments can be done within first six months with the payment for booking in the first month. These apartments are in great demand because of their infrastructure and state-of-art technology.

This article is written by Kishore Reddy is the owner of PLATINUM 1, which lies in its emphasis on quality, style and modern technology. Access controlled elevators ensure optimum speed, security and privacy of the Apartment.

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