Affordable Baby Clothes - Getting More For Less

Buying baby clothes can be a costly affair for parents, considering how fast infants grow. Changing to cheap yet funky, trendy, and unique baby clothes is a great way to save money.

Little babies care less about what they wear. All that gets to their attention is if what they are wearing is comfortable. Typically, that's the main thing you should focus on when buying baby clothes.

Parents worrying about second-hand clothes should realize that used baby clothes are nothing like used adults' clothes. That's because babies grow so fast in their early days, that they don't get to wear them for too long. These clothes are generally in excellent condition, and if you're lucky, you can end up with a never-been-used or used-once type clothes.

Here are four places you can check out for fantastic deals.

Online Shopping

More people are embracing the idea of shopping online than the traditional way of going into stores. Online shopping offers cheap deals and better prices for baby clothes as products come directly to you from the manufacturer or seller without middleman involvement.

It cuts down on outside expenses that you would otherwise opt for in conventional shopping on things like eating out, transportation and impulse buying.

Also, the choices online are fantastic, you can compare prices of different stores in less than five minutes, and order from the cheapest store.

Some online stores sell used clothes at lowest prices and quite often have great deals on their already low prices, allowing you to be frugal at the same time getting good quality.

And the best part is it's convenient because you can comfortably shop at home 24/7. There are no queues or assistants to bother you about your purchase.

Garage Sale

Neighborhoods with a lot of families are bound to have a garage sale at some point. It's perhaps the most secure way of buying affordable baby clothes as you already know the people selling. Often, the clothes are in good shape, but no one in their family is going to be using them. You'll be able to get the clothes at flexible and negotiable prices since all they want is to get the items off their hands.

Seasonal Clothes

According to the supply and demand rule, it's expensive to buy sweaters, scarves, pullovers and socks during the cold season. The same applies to buying dresses, sunglasses, shorts, tees and hats during hot seasons. Therefore, you might want to purchase warm clothing for the hot days and the other way around. This way, you will end up saving a lot.

Your Local Thrift Store

These stores are often run by churches and charities and are trustworthy sources. There are a lot of affordable baby clothing with a price range between one and five dollars or less.

Discounts At Stores

Some boutiques might want to get rid of old stuff and therefore reduce the prices of the clothes. Here you are able to grab new clothes at discounted prices.

Finally, be on the lookout for stores that are bound to close, they are likely to sell new clothes at a throw-away price.

Alexandra Riggs, the founder of Oobi, has a page for moms called Little Oobi Scrapbook, where they chat about fit, garment, design and share beautiful photos of their kids.

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