Agenda 21 the Definitive Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

By Paul A Philips

On the surface Agenda 21 looks like a promising global involvement for a healthy environment and growing economy, but some in so many words might say that it's a wolf in sheep's clothing for achieving a global fascist dictatorship.

The United Nations Orchestrated Agenda 21 was conceived in 1992 at the Rio de Janeiro Brazil Earth Summit. On the surface it looks like a promising global involvement for a healthy environment and growing economy, but some in so many words might say that it's a wolf in sheep's clothing for achieving a global fascist dictatorship.

Here's a list of reasons why some consider Agenda 21 to be full of double tongue false intensions and is therefore a con. Agenda 21 plans to

1. Reduce the world population for mass control

The ruling elite know that the current world population is one of the biggest threats to preventing their planned New World Order agenda. They know that the people at large are slowly but surely waking up to the realization that their being conned and this will cause a shift in mass consciousness which in turn may well thwart the ruling elite's planned enslavement agenda...

The power of love and our combined energies CAN make things happen. So in order to combat this, the ruling elite want a population reduction of about 80-85%. This indeed would make it easier to control or manipulate the people and instigate their agenda.

Various accusations have been made by those claiming that a population reduction is in the making, such as a covertly planned nuclear attack, or a manufactured disease like Ebola, or world war 3, or maybe a slow public poisoning: GM foods, glyphosate herbicides.., vaccinations, EMF's, fluoride, chemtrails, radiation, heavy metal poisoning, false terrorism...

2. Abolish private property

-Agenda 21 will not relinquish until all property is collectivised. There are a number of tyrannical gestures being implemented all over the world. They put forward the case for ownership of excess land claiming it would be better off in their hands for 'sustainability' which they would make better use of ecologically.

Taking cases of this situation, you could say be forced to give up your land to allow a high-speed train run through it or make way for a mass GMO farming unit and have no choice other than to move on, into a property where the area is densely populated. Concentrating people into densely populated areas is all part of the plan. It makes it easier to monitor and control the masses.

When you can see the bigger picture it's easier to understand why house prices have sky rocketed over the years. Ultimately, this has been orchestrated by the ruling elite so that it makes it harder to own property, particularly young people, after graduating up to their necks in debt...

One of the biggest reasons why we have thrived is because of the accumulation of wealth through property ownership. Having a decent roof over our heads can only really happen if the interest in this is for the people by the people in the name of genuine social justice and equality.

However, this has not been happening since the abolition of the private property mandate through Agenda 21, which is nothing more than social injustice, tyranny and a concentration of ownership / wealth to just a few select handfuls.

- Isn't this consistent with

3. ...the Agenda 21 plan to end national sovereignty?!

4. They want our kids raised by the state

The organizations pushing Agenda 21 don't like us raising our kids. That's because the way we raise them could differ from the indoctrinations of the state which could pose as a threat: so they push through policies to get control over our kids.

-This anti-family approach, ownership of children for indoctrination and control, was essentially the collectivist philosophy instigated by Hitler during Nazi Germany.

5. Reconstruction of the family unit

Under the dictates of Agenda 21 parents will have to hand over some of their parental responsibilities to 'society.' In this, there are plans to communally raise children. This in effect means families seeing less of their children and having less impact.

6. The dumbing down of the education system

-It could be said that the job's been done on this one!

7. Cradle-to-grave education and job allocations to people

Besides the education system they want you to fit into the system's various boxes. This makes you a slave right from the beginning, not having any choice about what you really want to do with your life... All these plans instigated with the help your tax payers' money, thus limiting your funds and narrowing your freedom...

8. Movement greatly restricted

Agenda 21 goes on about caring for the environment, but one way in which the hidden wolf in sheep's clothing will reveal its identity is when you realize that the ultimate goal is to greatly restrict the lifestyle and movements of people, particularly those in the developed nations.

Your communications, energy uses and spending will be monitored (cashless society?). The technology technocrats will be controlling the populace through smart meter technology... They'll tell you that your workplace will be close to where you live and be paid just enough to get by.

To reduce fuel consumption your transport movements will be monitored and in effect rationed so to reduce carbon emissions (carbon based global warming / climate change is an unfounded con).

9. ...All the above while people will be allocated to various overcrowded settlement groups.

-Some have described this as a scenario similar to the movie 'The Hunger Games.'

10. State will define the role of business and finance

Doesn't this amongst the others in the wish list suggest a covertly planned communist state..?


I hope that my very brief overview has helped to encourage those to look further into Agenda 21 and its said evils. Real undiluted evil works by destroying everything it touches. Will Agenda 21 be a recipe for worldwide disaster in an attempt to create the pathway to global fascism? Can you see right through the anodyne bureaucratic jargon?

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