All the Host of Heaven Shall be Dissolved - Isaiah 34:4

This promise is repeated several times in the Old Testament and defies notions that heaven exists and is a place of eternal bliss. If that were the case then why has God promised to destroy it? Does it even exist? If it were not for the blinding and deafening of those who are sold on an eternity in the sky then the logic of the words would come through and be easily seen.

Who are the host of heaven?

They are the ones put up by religions, like the Catholic Church, that have dressed their temples etc. with idols and icons claimed to be images of the resurrected and risen. The host includes prophets, such as Jesus Christ and Mohammed. They incorporate the angels and saints promoted as beings capable of carrying messages from God and even with abilities to heal the sick.

Included too are the souls of all who have died and are judged worthy of eternal life. No one can properly define a soul outside of what Plato posited several hundred years before Jerome compiled and partly wrote the New Testament. The Greek philosopher was a student of Cicero who never wrote a word so we don't know how much of his take on eternal life was plagiarised from others.

Cicero never wrote because like most of the population he was illiterate. Plato, on the other hand, was a scribe and obviously highly educated. His notion was that the 'sol' (Greek for sun) existed in every man (women were excluded) and it was bright until one committed a sin (also means sun). Then the soul darkened and on it was written details of the error. On arrival in heaven God can then read the soul like a book.

This is what Jerome adopted in his thinking as he was a student of Plato, although some 600-700 years later. All of the 'sols' risen to heaven make up the remainder of the host.
Why will they fall down?

The facts are that they don't exist. There is no such thing as a soul inside of men and the male section of humanity is not necessarily in God's good graces. When the population realizes how they have been duped into believing in make-believe then the heavens will fall.

My reincarnation is well remembered and I was born with a different language to my parents. I left my last body, that of a man, and entered a dark place where there was only the Spirit. This is what I know of as God. It is the Great Creator and Spirit of the universe and certainly no man.

Shown my life ahead and the age of 45 when a certain job would be given to me to do I came back as a female? Two months past that birthday the Spirit pinned me to the bed and commissioned me to "tear down the wall of churches, go out to the people and bring back the young." This was followed by three visions in which I replaced Jesus Christ on a mountain and place of teaching. It was 1984.

The job is to remove the wall that blocks knowledge and truth from being seen.

The Wall of Deception

The wall was built by the first beast, Ismal, the son of O-b-ra-ma. The latter means 'circle bearing the powerful mother'. It later became 'Abraham' and it was then disconnected from the sun worship that it stands for. 'I-s-ma-l' means 'eye of light-mother god'. It was corrupted from 'Is-l-am' to Islam.

Ismal was sent into the wilderness as an archer, which is a hunter and killer. The religions born of him do indeed hunt and spiritually kill those it reaches.
The Mother God is located in the city his followers built, such as Babylon (Babel in the Old Testament). A ziggurat was is a tower reaching upwards to heaven. It had a room at the peak and an instrument that allowed the sun's rays to divide into the magnificent circular rainbow colors of perpetually moving light. Central to it is the cross.

Visions showed me the sun in its glory

At the time there was little in the natural world to excite people and the image in the circle became the most treasured. The circle is expressed in 'the-o' and 'theo' is Greek for 'god'.
In a vision people were on a hill staring at a pierced stone on a pole. It pointed towards the sun-rise and as the rays hit they separated into the brilliant image and they fell to their knees in worship.

The place where it appeared was called 'o-v' or 'circle of life' as [v] is an old symbol for 'life'. It is in 'ova' which means 'circle of living power' and is so named because it is the producer of eggs. The Spirit showed me the meaning of ancient symbols and sounds that enabled me to read the past like a book.

The Sun Star and Heaven

The star is represented by the five pointed image on the flag of Islam. It is often seen when the sun passes behind mountain peaks or obstacles, such as an obelisk. This was the area defined as 'heaven'. The term comes from 'o-v-n' which means 'circle of life's victory'. The Greeks invented the letter [h] and when applied it became 'hoven' or 'haven'. Over time it was corrupted to 'heaven'.

The letter [h] was designed to represent the 'seat of Zeus' on the mountain peak. He was a representation of the 'father god' figure when the sun star touched the tip.

'El' is an old term for 'god' and where this figure was seen was at the peak or the 'h-el'. This is also the 'heel' and it gave rise to 'hell' for the place of eternal fire. 'El-a' or 'god's power' became 'Allah' the name of the Islamic god. 'Ella' is a woman's name and it applied to the Mother God.

Heaven is the Myth of Babylon

Having explained its origin the meaning behind the prophecy is clear. The Spirit will destroy religious beliefs as they have all come from Babylon through the work of the two beasts.
"These are my two olive trees and the two candlesticks (lights) standing before the god of the whole earth ... these have power to shut heaven that it rain not in the days of their prophecy (no miracles and no spiritual power), and have power to turn rivers into blood (create wars and terrorism of major proportion)... and their dead bodies shall lie in the streets of the great city." Revelation 11:4 -9.

Their time is up and the myths they created and caused others to believe in are being done away with. This is the time of the end and now the real God has stood up and is declaring to the world that there is no other God beside it (Isiah 45:4 -8).

Norma's reincarnation story explains how and why she reveals the identity of the two beasts of Revelation.

Norma works for the Spirit and was given commissions, visions and prophecies to pass onto the world.

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