Aloe Vera And Acemannan Benefits In Cats And Dogs

Aloe vera and Acemannan can be very beneficial to your physical well being. Most people are aware of some of the good things that aloe gel can do. If you have a sunburn, it can make a huge difference in the way that you look and feel the very next day. That is one reason that it is also known as the "miracle plant". However a. Vera also contains an important ingredient known as Acemannan and you will find a wide variety of benefits of aloe vera and Acemannan.

Acemannan is a complex carbohydrate that has an amazing effect on the immune system. In fact, it has some highly effective antiviral action on some types of viruses. Although medical science is not sure why this ingredient works so well, it can have a positive effect on white blood cells in the body's immune system.

White blood cells are your own personal army of protectors. They literally seek out and destroy invading organisms in the body. If not for these special cells you would not enjoy good health, and life on earth would not be possible.

Extract from aloe may be an effective way to deal with difficult diseases like feline leukemia. This common killer of cats is believed to be caused by a specialized virus. Once exposed to the virus, nearly half of all cats succumb with a month's time, and almost three fourth (70 percent) die within two months.

A recent study has shown that Acemannan can be a useful treatment for leukemia in cats. During a three month trial 49 cats received this extract as a treatment. Some received it by mouth while others were injected. After nineteen months (over a year and one half) 36 of the cats, (73 percent) were still alive.

In other studies, Acemannan extract was given to dogs and cats that had cancerous tumors. Results were very good as many of the animals experienced tumor shrinkage and some of the tumors were actually killed. This extract has become so effective that it is recognized as a treatment for certain veterinary conditions. Vets can use the drug in inject-able form, and it is considered safe for use. No known severe side effects have been reported.

Aloe can be very helpful for a number of conditions. For instance, many people use the juice to help with pain and problems associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It also may be beneficial to some people that suffer with Crohn's Disease, due to its ability to relieve inflammation inside the digestive tract.

Many people may not realize that the miracle plant can be very good for those that are dealing with heartburn. It has an inhibiting effect on the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. It also can help some people with constipation.

When you check out the benefits of aloe vera and Acemannan, you will see that they are many and far reaching. Great for many kinds of skin conditions as a topical gel, it also can be taken internally for all types of digestive ailments. However, perhaps the most important uses are as an immune system stimulant and antiviral medicine to help dogs and cats with cancer.

Acemannan in the Aloe Vera plant can greatly improve your cats or dogs life. Acemannan is useful to boost your pet's immune system, increase stamina, improve mood swings and add longevity. Our website offers useful information on PetsAloe - a highly affective product containing acemannan for your pets.

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