Alpaca And Dog Fencing - Use Redbrand Wildlife Fence


Redbrand Wildlife fence is a great choice to keep unwanted critters out. That is the main goal for fencing for Alpaca owners, since Alpaca do not challenge the fence. It is also referred to as Redbrand Deer and Orchard fence, and come in four foot, five foot, and six foot heights.

Alpaca Alternative Fencing Choices.

Some Alpaca owners say they require 2 by 4 inch "no climb" horse fence five foot tall. That is very expensive heavy wire especially when you include the heavy posts needed to secure it. If money is no issue, that's fine, but with the additional cost of the fencing and the heavy duty posts you will need to go with it, the total installed might be three times the cost of Redbrand Wildlife fencing. Some Alpaca owners also use 2 by 4 welded wire fencing, that is more comparable in cost to wildlife fencing, but it does not stretch much at all, so does not cross low areas or hills as well as Redbrand wildlife fence and on welded wire the welds rust.


Deer & Orchard Fence uses the Monarch® Knot as a hinge under pressure, allowing the fence to spring back into shape, and the use of galvanized wire resists weathering as well as wear and tear. This fence comes with very tight spacing near the bottom, with wires spaced from one inch apart at the bottom, gradually increasing to three and finally four inches apart at the top. I think rabbits or groundhogs would have a tough time crossing these tight lower wires, and the five foot height should deter coyotes.

Easy to Install

It comes in handy 165 foot long rolls, weighing around 100 pounds each. In August 2016 I installed some of the five foot tall wildlife fence, it is part # 2360-6-14 ½. I recently installed a fence of the five foot wildlife fence on my property and it was nice to work with. With rolls weighing only 100 pounds, of course they are easy for anyone to handle.

Lightweight Posts Lower Cost With Installation.

Since this fence is lightweight, you will not need heavy posts either. I used four inch diameter treated wooden posts from Lowes and 6.5 foot tall TEE posts from Tractor Supply. I used six inch diameter treated posts for my H braces at either end and at the ninety foot point also for strength. Since this is lighter fencing material, those brace posts could have been just five inch diameter for additional savings.


Redbrand wildlife fence is not strong enough for horses or cattle to rub up against. If you did use this is one area of a pasture maybe to section off a garden area, I would add a strand or two of electric wire inside the fence so horses and cattle do not push on this wire. It is not as easy to find as walking into a Lowes or Tractor Supply, but you can purchase it. On the internet, I see it listed by True Value hardware, and some other fencing suppliers and you should be able to order from the redbrandstore website. The ease of installation and lower cost of this fencing will make up for a little delay, you will likely need to order it and wait for delivery.

David Watterson has installed farm fencing for many years. He still enjoys stretching that wire, making good H braces and hanging gates. He uses the latest gripple connectors, and makes improved style H braces without cutting notches that let water into the post. Fencing is a great compliment to Watterson Tree Farm in Lexington, NC. David's four sons help on fencing jobs.

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