An On Trend Bucks That Harps Back to Prohibition (but with Booze)

An evening in an episode of Underbelly. A four hour private tour through Melbourne's Gangland Wars with a balaclava clad guide whose identity must remain anonymous for reasons we can't disclose. A Prohibition Drinking Den with Speakeasy bar and a drinks menu you would murder for. Entertained and enthralled by a Burlesque beauty with a tantalising performance straight from 1930's New York. This is only for the 'cool under the collar' type who want a Bucks that many would have killed to make or died trying to attend.

Melbourne's crime history is long and varied and fans of gruesome details will not be disappointed. Uncover the disturbing realities about some of Melbourne's darkest days and find out what motivated the violent slaughter of both criminals and innocent bystanders. The Melbourne Gangland Killings take focus, Squizzy Taylor, the Moran Brothers & the Carlton Crew, Carl Williams, the Hoddle Street Massacre and the 1976 Great Bookie Robbery all feature in these four hours of bloody confrontations and sinister events among many more notorious stops and fascinating facts. Your guide will slip back into the shadows as he deposits you at the relative safety of a prearranged gin joint that I guarantee you will want return to.

Collingwood's cool kid on the block has been fashioned on the idea of a Prohibition era drinking house and comes complete with a hidden speakeasy bar and dapper staff. Specialising in barrel-aged cocktails and a whisky shelf that you would kill for, you can drink to your heart's content these days without persecution from the law (we are not guaranteeing that part of this package). And drink you will as you are welcomed with a nip on arrival and chef's choice of canapés that put a Michelin starred twist onto hearty fared food.

As means of entertainment we will step you back in time to the days of class where a good looking broad got you hot under the collar through just the suggestion of skin. Your stunning corset clad Lolita performs a tantalising Burlesque show to entertains the guys. It's a memorable performance that will leave you all wanting more.

Something this cool should be banned. Or at least restricted. Maybe we should slap some kind of Warning to the start of it, it could read 'This Bucks comes with a sever Warning'. I will tell you now though, if your Bucks is at all like this one you will need to increase your guests by an additional one as I will be joining you. Even if I have to promise to walk a meter behind you and not talk all night it would be so worth it. Maybe that threat is warning enough? 'Warning. This Bucks comes with me.'

Scarlett Bond really does write, blog, plan and organise amazing Bucks Nights and Hens Parties. She posts many of her ideas on Bucks Night Ideas which has proven to be a base for all things Bucks and Hens Night Ideas where Hens flock for exciting idea suggestions.

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