Angry Bird Hero Helicopter

If you are a fan of Angry Bird, hurry up to enjoy one of its wonderful games - Angry Bird Hero Helicopter right now. Many wonderful weapons are waiting for you to destroy all of the mischievous monsters. Ok, let's go and make a great victory for yourself.

Angry Birds and Cunning Pigs
Demon pigs keep kidnapping the girlfriend of Angry Bird in order to challenge his bravery and patience. Players will engage in the coolest game - Angry Bird Hero Helicopter to become his smart companion and take part in the rescue of his girlfriend right away.

Look! The Angry Bird is flying a helicopter and waiting for you. Get in it and move to the place enemies arresting her now. The main task of players is to help him control the helicopter wisely to aid him in shooting the devil pigs. The game has a lot of difficulty, and challenging and interesting levels are full of large objects and rivals. The players have to beat all of the enemies down before saving the girl. The ammo is limited, so use it wisely. Never let the helicopter's fuel run out, or the mission is over.

Tips To Win Angry Bird Hero Helicopter Tactically
When starting the first level, the important point gamers should remember is pinch-and-zoom to see the entire level. That helps them to observe everything before shooting. They can also gauge how far they are from the goal. This is the only way to spot obstacles hidden off-screen.

Getting all 3 stars is your target in most of the levels. You need to aim and shoot the pigs accurately in order to save the allotted ammo. If the execution on a specific shot is not perfect, please be careful with next time. One shot blowing enemies up is the best.

The greatest pilot can fly over obstacles and dangerous foes to reach the girl soon. That is why you must be agile to avoid them strategically. Sometimes, you can lose the control, but never allow that careless skill in this important mission.

Try to fly above or under enemies to dodge their attacks. Don't hit them, or everything will be worse, and the helicopter will be crashed. The life of Angry Bird's girlfriend is up to your issue handling skills.

Generally, winning Angry Bird Hero Helicopter is not easy if the gamers are not agile, smart, and wise. Besides, the driving skill is so important to make the victory. Enjoy, guys!

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