Are There Specific Toys That Can Help An Autistic Child? How?

If you have a child with autism, you are aware of how difficult it is to find toys for children with autism. Often, autistic children are not entertained by the same kinds of toys that most children are interested in, and they need toys that more thoroughly engage their senses. There are many companies and resources, that understand this need, and they have created toys, that specifically target sight, sound, and texture to develop an interest for the child.

Autism affects the ability of the child to communicate and interact with others, play, and learn like other children their age. In addition, it has a wide range of characteristics and causes a multitude of different problems. Some children do not enjoy playing at all, where other children prefer playing alone and do not feel comfortable interacting with others. Most children with autism display a lack of social play or make-believe play.

There has been extensive research on what kinds of toys and play things children with autism most enjoy. Although it will be different for all children, the following are some examples of toys autistic children have found interesting. First, they often enjoy toys that are visually stimulating, like shapes, colors, and something as simple as bubbles. They also enjoy visually stimulating objects like puzzles and interactive books. They gravitate to toys that stimulate to the touch, like books or toys with flaps and different fabrics or materials. They enjoy toys that make noise, such as, dolls, animals, or other items that may talk to them or sing songs. As a child ages, it is important to incorporate computerized software to assist in developing vocabulary and tasks, for example counting.

Play therapy, or floor time therapy, is a play technique that incorporates a specific toy for the interest of the child, into playtime, and can help them to develop communication skills. Many children with autism do not relate to play into relationships or communication, so the intent of play therapy is for the child to interact the way they choose to. In addition, if the child chooses to play with a toy car, he or she may choose another car to bump into a different car, forcing them to get away from obsessively focusing on the one car itself, but instead on the act of play.

Many therapists and parents have been through the difficult task of trying to find the right toys for their special needs of children with autism. There were times in the recent past that parents struggled with this problem and could find no answers. Inventive and creative, parents, and therapists decided to create toys that would engage their children to have fun and play. That would help and influence children with autism to be creative also. Parents who have autistic children, are now becoming aware of the numerous outlets for advice on toys that will influence autistic children. One way to learn about advice on different toys and what would be a good fit for your child, is to search the web sights and find out what would be advantageous for your child.

With the expansion of the internet at your fingertips, you can connect with parents who are currently being challenged with this issue of finding toys, and other parents who have done their research and successfully found what is right for their child, may be helpful for your child. Be open to ideas, and creativeness when searching to find toys for your child.

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