Are You Curious to Find Out What the Signs and Warnings of Autism Are?

If you believe your child may have autism and you are curious to find out what the signs and warnings are, this information may be helpful for your child and you. These signs and warnings usually appear when your child is pre-school age.

If your child is about two years old, there may not be evidence of any autistic symptoms, that would indicate signs and warnings to be curious about.

However, if you feel your child may have any indications of the disorder of autism, that you are concerned about and your curiosity is correct, it is wise to have your child tested by a professional who is knowledgeable about autism.

You may be interested in some of these warning signs to look for, that are listed below. These signs and warnings usually appear in early developmental age or when your child is pre-school age.

* Your child may have a ritualistic behavior. He or she may want to continue with the same routine and have little or no imagination, play skills and appear not interested or withdrawn.

* There could be abnormal communication of language skills. For instance, not being able to communicate verbally and not understanding non-verbal communication.

* Many children with autism have very little social skills and social development.

* Noises that are normal sounding, may be too loud for him or her.

* Might display temper tantrums or anger outbursts.

* Does not show interest in his or her peers to play or have fun.

* Does not seem to enjoy or share pleasure of happiness, with healthy laughter.

* Does not seem to communicate in sentences or expression of his or her needs. Non-verbal communications.

* Does not seem to be creative or have any imagination.

* Does not seem to have eye contact or understanding of what you are communicating. Has a spacial stare. Seems as though, he or she is looking through you.

* Does not seem to have the expression or understanding of commands that give specific directions or instructions.

* Does not seem to understand feelings and emotions of expressions.

* Does not have the ability to initiate games, social play or activities.

* Does not like change, but feels secure in routine activities and the same time schedule.

If you feel your child may have some of these signs or warnings that you are curious about, it is imperative to have your child tested as soon as possible, by a specialist, who is knowledgeable about the disorder of autism.

Take a note pad with you when you visit your professional physician. On that note pad, write out your concerns that you have been curious about, regarding the possible signs and warnings as an indication, that there may be autism in your child.

As you visit with your professional, do not neglect to ask questions and copy the answers down on your note pad.

It is an excellent idea to be curious about the signs and warnings, that could indicate there may be autism in your child or someone you know. Are you ready to take these curious questions you have and be prepared to get some professional answers? Once you do receive answers to your questions, are you willing to take positive steps of action? You may want to be involved in groups, where there are discussions and networking to some of your curious questions. Are you willing to do that?

Take time out and use your curiosity from the answers and questions you have, regarding the signs and warnings of autism and evaluate them with a professional, who is knowledgeable about autism.

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