Are You Doubting Your Autistic Child Can Hear, Understand, and Communicate With You?

I found myself shouting at my brother who is autistic, because I had my doubts he could not hear, understand, or communicate with me, when I was speaking to him.

Have ever felt you were not being heard, understood, and communication was not present with your autistic child, while you were speaking to him or her?

I remember I could be no less than two feet away from my brother when talking to him. Being that close to him, he was ignoring what I was saying and not giving me a response. I became frustrated.

I was curious why I was not being heard or understood when I spoke to my brother, who has autism. I decided to do research on this subject and I was informed, some children with the disorder of autism might be behaving in a way that you feel they have not heard you, but in reality they did receive your message, and the conversation that was given.

I have experienced, when you think you are not being heard or understood, when speaking to an autistic person, he or she may have a different way of communicating. Their way of communication is not recognizable for you to understand, even though, they have understood your message.

There were times when talking to my brother, I felt he was not interacting with me. There were no signs of understanding, that I was heard. I evaluated and have seen this kind of behavior also occurs in other autistic children. For example:

* The autistic person may not let you know he or she is responding to you.

* What you need from the child who has the disorder of autism is, a sign that you have been heard. Such as, eye contact, a word, a gesture of nodding his or her head for understanding.

Many children with autism have difficulty with communication skills. Therefore, it would be difficult for them to let you know, they are not understanding what you are saying.

If you have doubts your child has heard you, or understood what you have stated, it might be an excellent idea if you have your child repeat back to you what you have told him or her. This can be an easy task if your child can communicate verbally.

Remember, if you do have doubts, that your autistic child is not hearing, understanding and communicating with you, take action and be willing to investigate or use different visual cards, sign language, pictures that you can make to illustrate action and communication, or you could have your child attend a speech or language class.

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