Are You Prepared to Take Your Child With Autism on a Vacation?

Spring and summer are in the making. Families do want to travel. If you have a child with the disorder of autism, it could present a great challenge. To prepare for your vacation and travels with your child, find out when you are going and what kind of transportation you will be using.

Will it be a car, bus, train, air travel or ship cruises? Find out how long the travel time will be. For example, will it be a long journey, with many stops, if so how many? Where?

Will there be restaurants that have the kind of food your child is accustomed to eating? If your child or you as parent(s) have allergies, will the restaurants have the food that is agreeable, that will not bring on the allergies?

Will their be overnight stays because the travel journey is a long one? Does your child get motion sickness?

Another wise question to take into consideration, is your arrival time. Will it be late at night,if so, will it disrupt the sleeping routine of your child for being prepared for the vacation?

These are just some of the questions you need to take into consideration for preparation to travel on a vacation with your child who has autism.

One imperative consideration you need to think about, for your child, is, does your child need medication and if so, will it be available on your travels and is easy to obtain for your child when it is needed without causing stress or a create a new problem, if it is not available.

If your are planning to take a vacation that is a long journey of traveling, it maybe an excellent idea to have a caregiver, or another person who is familiar with your child and understands his or her routine and is knowledgeable about autism.

This will help prepare your traveling, so it will be less stressful, by taking another person or caregiver, you will be able to enjoy yourself with a little more free time and your child will be able to be a little more flexible to address his or her needs.

If you are vacationing in a warm climate zone, that you are normally not use to, you must prepare for those changes. Such as, the weather, will your child be prepared for the changes of weather, the sun, humidity, etc. with the vacation?

Remember, your child with autism, does not like changes for the most part or the break up of routine. Call ahead of journey for traveling and make it known to the authoritative person who is in charge of your accommodations and lodging, that you will be arriving with a child who has the disorder of autism. Find out the time you can check in and check out according to the needs of your child.

Tell them, they need to make necessary arrangements. Communicate to the person in charge of these areas, the needs of your child. For example, a room with very little noise, low lights, a bathroom close by, a place to have for their own privacy, away from other adults, a refrigerator for medication, if needed, etc.

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