Art and Entertainment in Florence

Florence is one of the most important and visited cities in the world and known by all. Many people do not know that the Tuscan capital is also a place that comes alive at night to those who love fun.

Florence with its sculptures and paintings are unique and its majestic architectural monuments are visible walking through its streets: an abundance of masterpieces impossible to find in places of such a limited extension. UNESCO itself has declared Florence a World Heritage City.

Florence is a place to be protected with special care. The majestic Cathedral complex which includes monumental works like Brunelleschi's Dome still amaze tourists, then the Uffizi Gallery and the Ponte Vecchio are some monuments that people must absolutely see.

There are many people from other parts of the world who decide to spend long periods of time in Florence to learn about the many masterpieces and places that Florence offers. Inside the old town, although even the more remote areas are rich in artistic heritage and confirm the greatness of the past of the Tuscan capital. Because of the many people around the world who arrive to Florence, the city has taken an increasingly international character, in part by absorbing some characteristic features of the big cities in the world despite being a small town.

Among the various features that Florence has acquired hosting more than ten million tourists each year is the great entertainment for those who want to have fun at night. The streets and squares of Florence have animated the presence of local places and events dedicated to those who want to spend hours of fun especially at night.

At night the central areas are full of Florentines and tourists who move towards the city at night. Night restaurants, pubs, clubs and disco bar become a substitute for museums and major monuments and become the preferred destination for those who spend the night with friends.

There are also many concerts that are organized in different locations where groups and singers more or less famous of all musical genres can perform. A couple of times a year there are also the so called "white nights" where the town and the business activities of the historic center of Florence stay open during most of the night, creating a range of exceptional events: music, art, culture, organization of entertainment even for children accompanied by their parents. It is a very similar event to New Year's Eve.

Susanna Mantovany working in the tourism sector, she organizes tours in florence for the most important artistic sites and to enjoy fun days in the famous Tuscan capital.

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