Article Marketing Tips: How To Make Boring Topics Interesting For Your Reader

Sometimes you may need to write and submit articles for a client whose niche is of little interest to you. Or perhaps you're writing articles for your own website, which you love, but your subject matter may be a little dry.

Either way, there is hope when you're writing on a tough topic. You know how they say that a good actor can read the phone book and captivate an audience? Well, it's the same with writing.

With some practice you should be able to write interesting articles on any topic under the sun. Here are some article marketing tips if you're writing on a topic that's tough for you:

1 - Take the attitude of a fashion model.

The very special skill of a fashion or runway model is that no matter what crazy outfit, hairstyle or makeup she's given, she finds a way to make it look good. She accomplishes this with a lot of practice, and you can do the same with your articles. So, don't be put off by the subject matter. Part of your skill as a writer is coming up with an angle on the topic that is interesting.

2 - Get into your reader's brain.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before starting to write:

*Why are readers interested in this topic?

*What's their motivation for reading articles on this subject matter?

*How does the reader benefit from this topic?

*Is there anything about this topic that is associated with happy memories in the minds of the readers?

All of these questions help you understand the mindset of your target reader and come up with an interesting spin on your topic.

3 - Most of the time we write for target readers--a special group of people who might be interested in this subject we're writing on. For a difficult or "boring" topic, you might want to take a different angle though. Try writing for a more universal audience.

Here are some ways to make your article interesting to a general audience:

Can you relate to this topic in any way?

You're the one doing the writing, so if you're feeling totally out of your depth, then try to find a way that you can relate to the subject matter.

For example, let's say that the website you're writing for has to do with athletic gear. You've never lifted a racquet or kicked a ball in your life, but you do like to travel.

Why not write articles about certain sports paying special attention to the locations where the sports are played? Or maybe you're into history--you can write about sports from an historical viewpoint.

Stores that sell practical, humdrum products do this quite frequently. The store may sell kitchen tools, but they don't reel the reader in by talking about the specifics of the products.

Instead, they paint a picture of a party for your friends and family where you stand as the hero who cooked this amazing roast that everyone goes ga-ga for. You're imagining the feelings associated with serving a good meal, and you can almost smell the fragrance of the roast floating through the air. Suddenly you're inspired to do some cooking, and you think about getting the cookware that they made the roast in.

The subject matter of the website is like the cookware--not real exciting for most people. But the warm and lively party and the smell of the roast is like your article--an image of fun and good memories that piques the interest of most people.

I know that if you're writing on a topic you're not so into, it can be drudgery. Why not change your attitude though? If your topic is boring to you, take it as a special challenge to figure out a creative way to make the topic interesting. Not only will you be creating an article that will be enjoyed by more people, but you'll also be stretching your writing skills.

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