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  • A Candidate for Our Time
  • What do we really want or need in our elected officials? Maybe it's time we took a closer look at who we are electing to serve us in this country. Maybe we should stop being so swayed by image or rhetoric and look at the true character of our candidates.
  • Published in Political on 05 Jul 2014
  • Who Makes the Rules?
  • Tolerance or morality? What is the best way to govern social behavior? In the past couple of decades there has been a strong push to do away with standards of behavior in favor or a more inclusive social order. But is it working? The author takes a look behind the curtain and reveals some interesting and oft-ignored truths about our modern push for social equality.
  • Published in Social on 05 Jul 2014
  • A Reckoning
  • We seem to be losing touch with our roots in America today. At the heart of our troubles seems to be our inability to grasp the true meaning of "freedom". Is freedom just something you do to have fun or is it maybe a responsibility that goes beyond simple behavior? This is a question worth considering.
  • Published in Social on 05 Jul 2014
  • It's a Privilege
  • What is the basis for a healthy social environment? Do we really need old-fashioned moral codes to make things work? Or is a fairer, better answer to simply employ a "live and let live" approach which allows more freedom and eliminates the judgement of alternate lifestyles? Perhaps a closer look is needed before we simply accept that tolerance is the panacea for a better social order.
  • Published in Social on 04 Jul 2014
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