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  • Hiring The RIght Criminal Defense Attorney
  • This article discusses criminal defense law in Oklahoma. In particular this article discusses felony charges and some the process involved. It is important that you seek serious legal representation from a criminal defense attorney and this article attempts to help you do just that.
  • Published in Legal on 20 May 2015
  • Personal Injury Settlement Money and Oklahoma Bankruptcy
  • This is an article about Oklahoma personal injury or workers compensation settlement money and Oklahoma Bankruptcy. You can file bankruptcy and not lose the money from your injury claim in Oklahoma. The legal article is simple and sets out the steps needed to ensure that your creditors in bankruptcy can not get at your hard won Oklahoma personal injury settlement.
  • Published in Legal on 11 Oct 2014
  • Oklahoma Bankruptcy Exemptions
  • This article sets out to explain Bankruptcy exemptions and how they differ from state to state. In Oklahoma a debtor is able to keep most of his personal property as well as his home in Bankruptcy. Also, there is a long list of other property that is exempt per the State of Oklahoma Bankruptcy rules.
  • Published in Legal on 22 Jul 2014
  • Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney
  • This article is about criminal defense law and how to pick a good criminal defense attorney. There are several factors to consider all of which are important. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer could make all the difference in your case and this writing provides guidance to its readers.
  • Published in Legal on 10 Jul 2014
  • Expungement of Criminal Record in Oklahoma
  • This is an informative article about sealing your criminal arrest record in Oklahoma. Each State is different but in Oklahoma you can expunge or seal your criminal arrest record. There are different requirements depending on if your criminal conviction id for a felony or a misdemeanor. This article makes it easy to understand by cutting past the legal ease and setting out the requirement in simple English
  • Published in Legal on 07 Jul 2014
  • Relocating Your Children After an Oklahoma Divorce
  • This legal article explains some legal issues with relocating you child after an Oklahoma Divorce. Many parents dont realize that once the divorce is finalized Oklahoma family law requires that in order for either parent to move outside of 75 miles with the children they must get permission from the other parent.
  • Published in Legal on 24 Jun 2014
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