Autism Disorder Viewed As a Kaleidoscope-What Does This Mean?

I sat on my sofa and picked up my kaleidoscope, turned it, twisted it, rotated it and took the time to view the numerous designs, colors, shapes and changes. As I viewed the kaleidoscope while rotating the tube, I noticed how many patterns appeared. I sat on my sofa and thought about the disorder of autism.

Autism is mysterious, it has many levels and facets of the disorder and it does not carry a concrete cause or cure for the disorder.

As I viewed the kaleidoscope, I thought about autism which has many unexplained powerful patterns that repeat itself. There seemed to be much confusion in rotating the tube of the kaleidoscope, that had many unbreakable patterns, that I could not seem to understand, but when I stopped rotating the tube, the pieces fell into place.

Learning about autism and understanding how the patterns change in the disorder, I could clearly relate and view this happening when turning the tube of the kaleidoscope. Nothing seem to fit together or make sense, until I stopped twisting the tube.

How is this viewed in relationship with autism? I view the comparison as seen with the many pieces of the kaleidoscope, as with the mysterious levels of autism. Autism changes, so do the pieces in the tube as they are rotated.

The positive side of the comparison of the kaleidoscope and autism, is, both have mysterious ways of finding the sum total of what they are, into being very special.

I have met many children who have autism, but each individual is unique with their mysterious personalities, talents, strengths, weakness, and abilities. The kaleidoscope is unique, for the fact, it has many shapes pieces and abilities to make many beautiful shapes and colors and create a pattern.

Children with autism can be viewed as a kaleidoscope for the fact that, they are beautiful, with their many abilities to change and grow. As children with autism change and grow, you learn and understand how precious these individuals are with their many individual personalities which to me, are special designs that they produce.

Enjoy and view the special designs of the individual with autism. Watch them grow and be created into beautiful people, with their special abilities that may be mysterious, just as a kaleidoscope is.

Individuals, with autism should be loved unconditionally, and they will become your special designs with many special abilities that will shine.Enjoy every minute with your individual who has autism, they are worth the mystery.

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