Autism is Caused by The Age of The Father, is This True?

When one starts getting up in years, is not the total end. But, what about older men who want to have children? Are they at a greater risk for having autistic children? Or, are they the cause? Is their an age factor of being a father, that could cause autism?

There have been many studies that have revealed, that older fathers who have children, show that the connection of having children with the result of autism, is genetic and they may be the cause.

In addition, researchers, have brought to the attention of people, that children born with a father who was advancing in age, are at a higher risk of developing autism. One of the reasons for this is, many believe, as men age, their genetic make-up within their body, becomes less conspicuous and noticeable. This sometimes causes spontaneous genetic mutations, that may not be corrected to healthy genes. That is one belief.

Autism disorder has been a popular buzz, due to the fact the disorder is increasing and it is global. As a result of this knowledge, experts are trying to examine why and what causes autism.

Of course, there are indications, that older fathers may be at a higher risk, but that does not validate that their age is the cause of the disorder of autism. There are many older fathers, who have children and their offsprings, do not have any signs of autism.

We must be careful not to draw concrete conclusions that the age of the father, being older, will produce children with autism. The risk of older or advanced age of a father. may play a part in the birth of a child to develop autism, but it is believed, that it has a low impression over-all on the total risk.

The other significant point is, although, many may believe the age of an older father, has a link to autism, but the connection does not indicate that being an older father will cause autism.

It is wise to do research, before all of the information is gathered to make a statement, that it could be true, about the advanced age of fathers, causing autism.

There is a long road ahead of us, to determine what the true factors are in the cause of autism. Autism is growing large in numbers, that is being reported today. The disorder is found more in boys than girls. The cause and increase is a mystery and it is escalating and there is still much research to be done.

We must be open to learning and gaining knowledge to correct this overwhelming disorder. In addition, without proper facts, it is wise not to assume areas that may not or may be true, until all the facts are balanced properly.

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