Available Types Of Garage Door Repair Services

There are a wide array of garage door repair services available for residential and commercial properties. Among them are repairs of door openers, cables, springs, rollers, tracks, and panels. Also, preventative maintenance programs, emergency repairs, and drop tests for fire doors are available.

All doors must remain in compliance with the regulations established by members of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). Each year, doors must be inspected to ensure they function properly and close completely. Release mechanisms must be re-set according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Written records must be maintained and produced upon request by an official representative of the association.

The services which promote compliance with the federal standards are numerous. Among them are drop-tests to ensure the doors work properly. Also, ongoing maintenance work can be performed, as well as bringing any non-compliant issues into compliance. All tests and repairs are recorded, and the doors are labeled to indicate the dates of inspection.

A preventative maintenance program is very beneficial. It can prevent costly emergency service calls, and help to extend the life of the equipment. Monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual inspections can be set-up. During these regular check-ups, many elements are inspected. They include all the rollers, chains, bottom bars, bearings, tracks, cables, and end-locks. All components are checked for proper alignment. All the hoists, hinges, rollers, and bearings are lubricated and tightened.

The replacement of broken or bent rollers requires special power tools. The complex and unsafe procedure is best accomplished by qualified technicians. The process requires the broken hinge to be unbolted and tipped outward. The hinge's bolts must be tapped out in order to disengage it from its track and release it from the door. Reinstallation requires the same process in reverse order.

Fixing and replacing torsion springs are also dangerous procedures because these springs are wound extremely tight and are under intense tension. Broken springs can cause major malfunctions. They include impairment of a unit's lifting abilities.

Tracks run along each side of these doors. It is very important that they remain in good condition, rust-free, and properly aligned. These types of repairs are intricate, and usually involve the removal of several bolts and screws.

Garage door repair specialists can also troubleshoot overhead door opener problems. These units are susceptible to damage that can greatly disrupt their overall function. Problems may include the transmitter failing to receive a signal, which may result from a frequency interference. It is also possible that a part may become broken.

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