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Some things just work out the way they are supposed to work out. I was offered more hours here at the doctor's office, so I was able to quit my other job. With this new schedule, I can go back to ballet! For right now I'm in Pointe 1 on Thursday nights, but I am hoping to get into another class on Wednesday or take Zumba classes on Monday nights.

I was terribly concerned about the large amount of time off from June to December. Anyone who has taken rigorous ballet classes for several years knows how hard it can be to get back into the swing of things. Every part of your body aches after class.

Here is how it went: The rest of the class had taken summer classes and been working on Standard 7 in our Cecchetti method and was limber and technically more advanced, which is to be expected. Their pointe work had dramatically improved since June. They had worked the previous week on pirouettes at the bar, something which still terrifies me after all this time. The first week back I did not wear pointe shoes. It would have been ridiculous to even attempt it! It would have been like attempting a dive off the 10 meter platform when you haven't practiced in months.

I was able to keep up, which was completely surprising. I was tuckered after class though! I had sweated through my leotard and tights. I joked around with my husband when I got home that I could give him a really good hug... with lots of sweat. My feet were feeling ok, but having not pointed my feet for an hour at a time since June, my feet kept cramping up. I had tried to drink plenty of water before class to prevent this, but next time I'll try to work with a tennis ball instead.

The next week, I was a brave soul and put my pointe shoes on. I was determined to keep up with everyone else and not show any pain. Which I did! I was so proud. I am determined to work hard to catch up with the work everyone else has put in. We did a lot of bourres at the end of class and I did better than some of the girls who had been taking class consistently.

My feet however, after, felt like needles had been poked in them. All of my joints were red and inflamed, but that was about it. Classes begin again next week and I will be anxious to see how my feet deal with more strenuous pointe work (and pirouettes on pointe! Any suggestions for getting over the fear of turning on pointe?)

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