Bass Fishing

Not everyone likes fishing, in fact a goodly number of people I know stare at me disapprovingly if I even mention the fact that I'm going fishing. This is why I tend to congregate more with other people who are just as crazy on fishing as I am.

I still remember the very first day I placed my hand on a fishing rod. It was early in the morning, very misty, and if I remember correctly, very chilly. I was also sleepy beyond measure.

The only thing keeping me in place was the respect and admiration I had for my grandfather. He was a magical person with a deep belly laugh, twinkling eyes, and a ready sympathy whenever I got into trouble which was often.

As I said, Granddad was the reason I was standing around at five o'clock in the morning waiting to go fishing, a hereto unknown and undreamed of pleasure. Up until that moment, the only thing I knew about fish was that I was forced to eat it sometimes.

So there I was at five in the morning, barely awake, definitely cold, but also with a growing excitement inside me. This was most definitely an adventure and one that I knew I was privileged to take part in.

Going on this most sacred of trips meant that Granddad thought I was old enough to do so, which was a balm indeed to my sorely tried eight-year-old heart. And that was when it happened, when the magic of the moment began, a magic which lasts even to this day.

The lake stretching out before me from horizon to horizon, such a deep sparkling blue that it captured my breath away. But the most awe inspiring sight was not any of these things.

It was the sight of the small dinghy bobbing gently with the small waves, tied up alongside the pier. The few steps needed to get down to the boat were magical ones indeed, and never was there a more exciting moment in my life than when I solemnly grabbed Granddad's hand and all but pulled him down those steps.

I was finally fully awake on that chilly morning at five a.m. Even the chill in bones had fled in the joy of the moment and I was now ready, willing and able to face a day of fishing.

This was it, the moment was upon me, and even as I processed every single moment of it from the time we pulled out to the middle of the lake, to the time we came back in the evening hungry, exhausted and happy, the magic of the day just washed over me and bathed me in its rays.

In fact, such was the power of the day that it seemed almost anti- climactic when we managed to catch the biggest fish ever to be seen (a mere five-pounder, but to me it was thee size of a whale and wriggling away for all it was worth).

I would also like to say that if you are completely new to the bass fishing game, you might find things to be slightly confusing in terms of the various different expressions and language you might hear from time to time.

But I hope that you will persevere and find out for yourself what a joy fishing can be, and that everything else, is just words.

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