Beach Wedding Dress

If you are having a beach wedding you will need to shop for a casual beach wedding dress. Wedding gowns worn on the beach are a little different than wedding gowns worn at a traditional wedding. These gowns are usually made of thinner, more breathable material and are more similar to slip dresses than wedding gowns. The dress, like the wedding, has a more laid back feel.

Most brides who are getting married in a beach wedding choose dresses which are either strapless or have slim straps like spaghetti straps. When you are outside in nature you need your clothes to be lighter and easier to manage. However there are some things you may want to consider when choosing the dress and all the accessories. Just because it is a slip dress or more simple, this does not mean it will not be gorgeous. There are plenty of dresses that accomplish both of these things.

First the dress should be light and easy to move in. Even though most brides still wear wedding dresses, some opt to just wear a white or light colored slip dress or sundress. Beach wedding dresses can be simple, short, tea length, or normal length. If you want it to look more like a traditional gown there are many beach or informal styled wedding gowns which still look like traditional gowns. However, I would not suggest using a full length train as with the wind and the sand it probably would not turn out right.

For shoes many brides choose to wear sandals or flip flops. It is far more fitting to wear traditional beach shoes, all glammed up of course, than to be walking through the sand in 4 inch high heels. Of course what you wear is up to you but be prepared for the weather and the terrain in whatever is your final choice.

What will you wear on your head? Well you can wear a veil, but I would suggest against it. Being a beach wedding, you are fighting against the elements, and that includes wind. Veils and wind do not go well together. Many brides, beach weddings or otherwise, are opting to wear a tiara. Tiaras are beautiful, and they are also functional for helping keep your hair in place. If you think a tiara is a little too much, but still want to wear something in or on your hair you could opt for a hair comb instead. They are a little less flashy than a tiara, but still provide beauty and glamour.

What about the rest of your accessories. When you choose jewelry for your beach wedding you should keep in mind that if everything else you chose so far has been simple than your jewelry should follow suit. You do not want your jewelry to overpower the rest of the look. It is not too difficult to choose jewelry that is beautiful yet simple. Pearls, diamonds and different types of gems can all have this effect.

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