Become The Best Miner In Speed Miner Series

Among stories of players setting up amazing water slides or sky houses and accidentally burning their shacks down, it is not hard to forget that Minecraft is a game about mining at its heart. Minecraft fans have put each other extensive and credible researched guidelines on how to be the most efficient Minecraft miner possible. How about you? Do you care about that as enjoying cool versions: Speed Miner, Speed Miner 2, and Speed Miner 3?

The Special Points In Each Version Of Speed Miner
When enjoying different versions of Speed Miner series, do you see anything distinct, guys? Actually, no version is the same, and each of them has a special point you cannot realize. Ok, it is time to play 3 versions and give outstanding differences.

Speed Miner:
This is the initial version, so it is not as great as the new ones. But, all of them have a same point is to mine gems in a deep cave. Gamers have to break randomly generated blocks and go deeper. The deeper they approach, the more gems appear. To destroy these random blocks, the gamers have to press the appropriate arrow keys on the keyboard quickly as any arrow block occurs. In addition, they must grab TNT blocks to explode the whole nearby area and move on. This first version is interesting as it helps players reflex quickly to remove the blocks. The faster they take, the higher score they gain.

Speed Miner 2:
It is more interesting than the first version. This time, creators set up an alarm in the second one. The players just have 90 seconds to complete their search in the cave. Definitely, they have to reflex faster and faster than the last times they played in the initial version. Try hard to see how many points you can get within 1.5 minute, guys.

Speed Miner 3 If you want to challenge yourself to the allotted time and prove your reflexes, this latest version is the best game you should give a try. The rapidity occurs here. Let's go and become the greatest Minecraft miner by winning this game within 1 minute with the highest score in the list.

Tips To Win Speed Miner Versions with Expert Scores
Desire to become the master miner of Minecraft? Let's follow typical tips below to beat mining games, especially Speed Miner versions:

Combine Your Hands and Your Eyes skillfully
To get best scores in one of the 3 versions, the gamers must focus on the process. As using the eyes to take a glance quickly at the arrow blocks, get hurried to press the corresponding arrow keys speedily. If they destroy a block in just a wink, they can gain cool points.

Move The Character To The picked Arrow Blocks Rapidly
The main point is that don't waste time on others except concentrating on the speed of the game. Guide the boy on the blocks and make them disappear in just 1/5 second. If you can do that, congratulations! You are the Master!

Do you love Minecraft games? Let's enjoy to explore cool Minecraft Games you love.

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