Benefits of Sound Treatment to Help Autistic Children - How Does It Work?

I was visiting at a home of a friend of mine, who has an autistic child. I noticed he was listening to various sounds of treatment, that was music. I saw that he became more calm, relaxed, less stressful. I was curious and I had to know, what these sound treatments were and why it was making a difference in her child?

I learned the music that was being played, was Mozart and other classical soft soothing music. This type of music became relaxing and gave the results of calmness to her child.

In addition, I learned the technique that my friend was using for her son was the Tomatis Method. I wanted to know more about what this method consisted of, which made her child who has autism, calm and his depression seemed to be decreasing.

I discovered after doing research on the Tomatis Method, there had been success with the various levels for treating autism. The benefits of the sound treatment can reduce stress, anxiety and even stage fright.

Listening is imperative when you are using sound treatment that requires hearing for your child. It helps an autistic child keep calm, and helps depression. Treatment of sound, has the ability to use the hearing and listening skills for your child, so it becomes intentional and attentive. Using the sound treatment will bring positive benefits.

Benefiting from sound treatment, whether it is the Tomatis Method or another method, will help your child. Listening to soothing music or another soothing sound method, will help your autistic child. For example:

* He or she will appear to be more calm.

* Less depressed

* Defensiveness reduced

* Sound sensitivity will be decreased

* There could be an improvement in language skills

* You may see an improvement in the self-image of your child.

* Sound treatment may improve the desire not to be fussy for certain foods that your child may have.

* If your child has poor eye contact, this could improve.

* Social skills could improve with sound therapy.

* There may be a result in a decrease of aggression.

There are numerous reasons to do research on the benefits of sound treatment for your autistic child.

Discuss this method with your care provider to make sure it is the right treatment and is suitable for your child, with all the various levels of uniqueness that is in the disorder of autism.

I have experienced from watching and knowing my friend who has the child with autism, that the method of soothing sounds, which includes music, is beneficial and positive changes have been made.

Do you have the desire to do research on sound treatments for your child, that could have positive results to help with the disorder of autism?

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