Benefits Of Ultrium LTO 6 Tapes

The Government Computer News gives an enlightening view of the immense need for data backup systems, based on its estimates that more than 95% of data is never accessed once it stays past 90 days. Therefore, to ensure that you never lose your data, even if you've forgotten about it, you must make use of a reliable and efficient data storage media.

Computer tape technology, and more specifically the Ultrium LTO 6, offers an ideal solution for long-term data archiving.

Why Do We Still Use Tape Technology Today?

Tape technology has been in existence for a long time, yet it still plays a vital role in high-capacity storage backup. Contrary to what you may assume, this technology is not being used just because of sentimental reasons; rather, it offers many valuable and unique attributes that facilitate for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness of modern data storage systems.

Benefits of LTO 6 Tapes

LTO 6 tapes, and tape technology in general, possess several useful features:

i. Tape cartridges are removable storage media, which makes it easier to store them securely and protect them from viruses, sabotage or other forms of corruption.

ii. The aspect of scalability inherent in tape technology is critically vital in high-capacity data storage. If you need to increase your storage capacity, all you have to do is acquire more low-cost cartridges, instead of having to buy extra drives that would be quite costly.

iii. In case of any threat or damage experienced within your storage location, you would have an easier time relocating the portable tapes.

iv. The higher storage capacity in LTOs is complemented by faster data backup speeds. Such speeds can be as high as 400 MBps in the latest LTO versions.

v. Having a greater compression ratio means that LTOs can store even more data. You are likely to find a compression ratio of roughly 2.5:1, which effectively gives you approximately double the storage capacity.

vi. Certain additional features in LTOs make them even more reliable than disks. This is achieved through advanced error correction, as well as read after write verification systems.

vii. In the pursuit of more environmentally friendly technology, LTO serves a useful purpose since they possess lower power consumption compared to disk technology.

Further innovative advancements are bringing down the costs of data storage. This is further complemented by advanced data compression systems. Such systems are designed to ensure lossless compression, by use of sophisticated LTO compression algorithms. These aspects will further cement the position of tape technology as a key high capacity data storage media option.

When compared to other data storage media, you can easily see why tape technology stands out. SSD, for instance, would only provide a much lower native capacity, which is roughly 1 Terabyte. This makes the SSD option quite expensive when considering the cost per gigabyte. Hard disk drives on the other hand, may have a substantial amount of native storage (about 3 Terabytes), but they are still more costly than LTO. LTO remains the most cost-effective option, with a cost of 1.3 cents/ gigabyte.

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