Best Supplements For Dogs

The fact is that nowadays there are hundreds if not thousands of different types of dog supplements and treats that you can buy today. Do a simple search on Google or Amazon for a keyword like "dog supplements" and instantly you will get hundreds of thousands of results. There are supplements for bones, coat, digestion, brain, fresh breath, puppy development, senior dogs and etc. This massive choice of different types dog products leaves quite a lot people confused, quite simply because they don't know what is good and what is bad.

I work in the dog supplements industry and as an insider I would like to take you behind the curtain and share with you some insights about supplements and treats that not a lot of dog owners know about.

Before we will dive into the best supplements that you can get for your dog, I would like to briefly overview the most common health problems that our dogs develop. The most common problems that dog owners have with their dogs are: joint and mobility problems, arthritis, digestive problems, diarrhea, skin and coat problems. These are the most common problems that we encounter and now we would like to recommend some supplements that will help you to minimize the risk of developing the following health problems.

Pre and pro biotic supplements - Quite a lot of dogs, no matter how old or young they are or how big they are, have very sensitive digestive systems and in general they digestive system do not function as efficiently as they should. As a result of this quite a lot of dogs suffer from nutrient deficiency or they simply cannot absorb the nutrients properly and this could lead to a wide range of problems from colitis to itchy skin and etc. By supplementing your dogs diet with a pre and pro biotic supplement you will improve the efficiency of your dogs digestive system which will lead to nutrient uptake.

Joint supplement - In addition to supplementing your dogs diet with a pre and pro biotic dog supplement you should also invest in a high quality joint supplement. The fact is that joint problems are very common among dogs and it does not matter what breed or what age the dog is. When it comes to joint supplements, you should look for products that contain proven and tested ingredients like glucosamine and MSM. These two ingredients are proven and tested by time which will strengthen and support your dog's joint.

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