Boarding Kennels

When travelling out of town, a boarding kennel is the only consideration that will give you peace of mind by offering quality care to your pets. A boarding kennel becomes very essential if you are not able to leave your pet under the care of a professional pet sitter. Pets depend entirely on the owner, and thus they cannot be left under the care of a neighbour especially on long trips.

A kennel which is specially made for pet care and overnight boarding will relief your pet of the stress that comes out of a long ride or flight to the desired destination. Pets in boarding kennels receive more attention than they could get if they had been left at home.

Despite the merits, there are a few drawbacks associated with the use of boarding kennels because the pets may be stressed as a result of the unfamiliar environment. Kennels are also limited, making it extremely difficult to get one that is specified for pets other than dogs.

Various states have a different mandate standard, which requires that boarding kennels be inspected to ascertain that they are up to standard. A certified kennel will always display a license or certificate which shows whether it has been inspected.

The process of getting a kennel takes some time, because you have to sample among the many types, and then inquire whether it will be available within your specified time. It should be checked to ensure that it will conveniently fit your pet, besides meeting its special needs if there are any.

Some of the features to look for in kennels include cleanliness, because they have to be hygienic both in smell and appearance so that the pets are not irritated. Similarly, they should have sufficient light and ventilation, to avoid suffocation and stress to the pets.

A good boarding should have indoor and outdoor runs for the pets to exercise. The outdoor runs should be sheltered from elements of weather such as snow, wind and rain. Away from the concrete floors, there should be bedding and resting boards in the kennel to provide rest for pets. Boarding kennels should as well have sufficient space between the food bowls and litter boxes, so that the pets are able to feed in a clean environment.

As a precautionary measure to the use of boarding kennels, you should accustom pets to taking longer trips. This is possible through taking them out when you have free time, so that you are able to address any difficulties that they may have in the kennel before you set out for an extended trip.

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