Book Review, Summary, A Love That Could Not Be by Sandy Ingram

Melinda Lulfkin the General's daughter is a typical Army brat who spent most of her childhood picking up and moving from base to base. While growing up she lived in Europe, Asia the United States. She always experienced preferential treatment because of her father's high rank even before he became a General.

Upon retirement the General and his wife select Arizona as their retirement destination. Their daughter who attended DeVry and later works for a fortune 500 company as a computer-science engineer becomes the main character in the short love-story.

The General, who always wanted his daughter to work for the Government often encouraged his daughter to work as a civil servant rather than corporate America. After 9/11, there were several work opportunities available to accommodate the rising threat of tourism in America. Naturally, General Luflkin encourages his daughter to apply for one of the positions. Melinda, the General's only child decides to honor her father's wishes and is selected for a highly classified position within an agency-spin-off department.

Even though this short story is fictional, we now know that such a department surely could exist, due to the recent news concerning the NSA's review of regular citizens' online activities.

During this same period of time, Melinda is dating Scott Jefferson, a computer-science professor at the University of Denver. He and Melinda meet at a technical workshop in New York City and become friends. The fact that they both lived in Denver fueled the friendship which later develops into a romantic-relationship.

Because Melinada has gone to school all over the world she is familiar and comfortable with different races and cultures. The fact that Scott is African American makes little difference to her.

After the couple falls in love and the stage is set for a lasting-relationship, Scott's ex-girlfriend returns to the picture. She claims she is pregnant with Scott's child and wants to continue her relationship with Scott. Scott doesn't believe the child is his because of his low sperm count due to a childhood illness. He asks Melinda to be patient while he works through the complications with his ex-girlfriend.

Melinda feeling hurt and uncertain about her future with Scott secretly accepts the classified position with the Agency and in doing so, she simply disappears without a trace.

After six months of not seeing each other, both Melinda and Scott are miserable. Melinda realizes that she is in love with Scott and doesn't want to live without him, but because she didn't include him on her transitional list, she is not allowed to contact him without going through the proper channels. Scott decides to visit Melinda's parents in Arizona to try and learn more about where their daughter is.

The Lulfkins reluctantly do not share the classified information with Scott as to their daughter's whereabouts, but do provide a clue. Scott takes the clue and uses his computer skills to find the woman he loves. In the process he commits espionage against the U.S. Government.

When Scott and Melinda finally meet again, Melinda is aware of the Federal laws Scott has broken and is overly concerned that her family's name might be tied to illegal activity. The couple makes a decision as painful as it is, to end the relationship, but not without one last romantic evening.

Avid followers of the U.S. Gov and their apprehension methods clearly will understand that at some point authorities will trace Scott's secret password back to his original IP address!

Truly an interesting read, written before the recent news of the NSA spying on Internet users' habits came to light. You can find "A Love That Could Not Be" by Sandy Ingram in the Kindle Store. You can find additional 99 cent romance, crime and mystery stories at

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