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Teeth straightening options are now smaller, more stylish and more comfortable than ever before. No matter what your preference is, you will get an option that will address your needs. Gone are the days when everyone got to know if you were undergoing teeth straightening treatment. You can now get braces which are completely unnoticeable, allowing you to enjoy your teeth straightening experience.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are also referred to as traditional braces, and they are the most common pairs that are used to align teeth. The braces were made from stainless steel which is of high quality. The Braces consist of brackets which are fixed to the teeth through the use of special cement.

An arch wire runs through the brackets, and the orthodontist tightens it from time to time. Tightening the archwire places pressure on the teeth which then shift to the required position gradually. Elastics are used to attach the wire to the brackets, and these elastics are normally changed during each visit to the orthodontist. The elastics are available in different colors and you can pick the color of your choice.

Damon Braces

Damon braces consist of metal brackets which are fixed to each tooth in the same way as metal braces. However, rather than using elastics to attach the wire to the brackets, a sliding door is used to keep the wire in place.

The sliding mechanism allows the wire to move as the teeth move and the wire tightens with time. This means that the force used to shift the teeth is much less than the metal braces. You do not need many dental appointments since the wire is not tightened manually. Your treatment time is significantly reduced and the braces are more comfortable than the metal braces.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are made from ceramic material which is clear or tooth colored. These braces are not easily noticeable as they blend in well with your teeth. The wire used to connect the brackets is clear and the ties used to attach the wire to the brackets can either be made from white metal or clear elastics. The ties will normally stain even though the braces themselves do not stain. Your orthodontist will, therefore, change the tires whenever you have an appointment.


Invisalign is a method of straightening teeth that use clear removable aligners. The aligners are made from smooth plastic and are worn over your teeth. They are a convenient method of aligning teeth since they are not noticeable and you can, therefore, go through treatment without any disruption to your life. You are required to wear the aligners at all times unless you are eating or brushing your teeth. You will normally wear a new set of aligners every two weeks until your teeth are in the correct position.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are fixed to the back surfaces of your teeth rather than at the front. The braces are hidden from view and are therefore invisible. They are a good option when your teeth need to make complex movements to arrive at the required position. At first, the braces may feel uncomfortable as your tongue brushes against them, but you will normally get used to them within a few weeks.

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