Breast Augmentation: Rupturing And Revision Surgery

Silicone and saline breast implants are the two main types of breast implants. However, about 74 percent of the female population in Europe prefers having silicone implants. The rest of the population prefers having saline breast implants. Even so, it's all a matter of personal choice on what feels comfortable.

Breast augmentation has worked in favour of the LGBT community. If people want to transform and have certain physical features - especially the breasts - which give them a desired feeling or present them to have a feminine body, they just have the implant and immediately get the curves they want.

These are some of the beneficial aspects of augmentation surgery. On the other hand, some adverse effects may also occur in such a procedure, one of which is rupturing of the implant. This in turn requires revision surgery.

Why Do Breast Implants Burst?

Problems with your implant may arise if the silicone or saline breast implant leaks or ruptures. Fortunately, medical researchers are trying to tackle this issue, and implants are being improved day by day. However, breast implant rupture is still a risk.

Normally, when undergoing breast implant surgery, the silicone or saline implant is inserted under breast tissues or below the muscle in the breast area. Once the implant has been inserted, formation of a capsular shell occurs. This is a fibrous shell. Due to this process, the implant may rapture owing to tightening of the shell.

An itchy nipple and sensitive breasts are some of the symptoms you might experience when you have a ruptured breast implant. Your breast might also harden and start swelling. Its shape might also change, causing your bust to appear unbalanced. You might also experience some pain.

In such instances, corrective surgery is required.

Reasons for Revision Surgery

Revision surgery is surgery that's performed to correct anything that has gone wrong or because of any dissatisfaction with your initial surgery. This means that instances of ruptured implants would require corrective surgery.

When an individual decides to have an implant, the person can only mentally visualize what the end result would be. No one ever has a clear image of exactly what he/ she will look like in the end. Hence, there are chances you might not really like the end result, even if you thought you would previously.

Apart from not being fully satisfied with the results of surgery, you may also want a change of your implant from silicone to saline or vice versa. In other instances, your augmented breasts may not be well balanced; hence, you may desire a bit of uniformity. Revision surgery is the default option in dealing with all these issues.

The good news is that it's possible to prevent many adverse effects on your implants in the first place, and avoid corrective surgery altogether. This would be achievable simply by seeking the services of a competent plastic surgeon. An expert surgeon would prepare you adequately for surgery, such that you know exactly what you'll get. Also, the operation would be carried out professionally; hence, avoiding much of the adverse side effects.

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