Bring Festive Cheer To Your Bathroom

During the course of December the vast majority of UK homes undergo some sort of a transformation in aid of promoting Christmas cheer. The living room gains a tree and most other rooms are adorned with festive flourishes...with the common exception of the bathroom. Whilst, a tree may be a little inconvenient and lights are to be avoided at all costs- there are an abundance of other options to bring some Christmas flavoured charm to the country's bathroom suites:

Holiday Bathroom Linen

From novelty bath mats through to slightly more tasteful coloured towels - there are a wealth of different bathroom linen items available to add a festive flourish to your bathroom. Dependent upon the style of your bathroom and the extent of other festive decorations; an array of co-ordinated, deep red and dark green towels and bath mats can really add a festive feeling to the space without a risk of tackiness.

Plastic Wreaths and Decorations:

Plastic decorations such as wreaths, pine branches and holly sprigs may lack the fragrance and tradition of their authentic counterparts - but they are ideal for use in the bathroom. Whilst wood, wicker and paper may get damaged or rot due to the increased humidity in the bathroom: plastic is exceptionally resilient and can provide a festive feast for the eyes whilst lounging in the tub - and through the steam you won't be able to tell the branches and wreaths aren't the real thing! Steer clear of tinsel though as the metallic fronds can get everywhere and the string core may suffer at the hands of shower spray and condensation. Just a smattering of decoration can make all the difference; particularly in more minimalistic styled bathrooms.

Festive Fragrance

It isn't just the sights and sounds of Christmas which imbue us with a sense of seasonal cheer - smells are an essential aspect of 'that Christmas feeling'. Look to incense, essential oils and scented candles rich in cinnamon, cloves and other festive spices. These smells will invoke a sense of festivity which can be compounded by visual Christmas decoration to bombard the senses with holiday sensations. To take this a stage further you could add Christmassy essential oils to your bath and literally bask in festive cheer - be sure to check that any oils you add to your water are fit for the purpose and free from allergens.

By adding subtle treats for the eyes and nose you can create an all-round sense of seasonal charm within any bathroom. Just make sure to only ever use electrical items which are certified bathroom safe (so certainly not standard fairy lights) and try to keep prickly holly away from the toilet seat.

Written by Jamie Rock Lyons of Web Vitality SEO Manchester for Bathshop321 Bathroom Suites

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