BTVSolo Beat Making Software Endorsed by Industry Insiders

Named "Best DJ Innovation'" of 2012 by DJ Zone, The world's largest DJ magazine. Internationally acclaimed & sold in more than 23 countries

As you noticed by my other reviews, I've been on the hunt for great beat making software to share with you all. It should be no secret by now that I always fantasized about being a Music Producer but, alas, I never had the connections, the cash, or the time. Now comes BTV Solo (Beat Thang Virtual Solo) with tons of awards and accolades. I had to give this software a try and I'm glad I did because this is another great and innovative music production software used my more pros than I can shake a stick at.

I can now not only create awesome music with BTV Solo, but I make my music sound polished and professional with nothing more than my laptop computer keyboard. BTV Solo excels in producing hip hop, rock, R&B, reggae, pop house, and electronic beats.

One thing essential for me in beat making software is the importance of it being affordable, sophisticated, and easy to use --- were talking about friendly interface, easy navigation, and a low learning curve. BTV Solo delivers in spades! I got to know the controls and get familiar with the interface in minutes, not days. Great interface and layout for sure. I was bustin outta a beat or two in minutes is the only way to go.

BTV Solo is all VALUE and overflowing with great features such as the following!

BTV Solo's editing tools allow easy waveform editing, which means that users can adjust panning, volume, pitch and various other parameters. With simple clicking, navigation, and dragging, you can raise or lower the pitch.

BTV Solo is capable of importing samples from MP3 players, CDs, etc. into easy-to-use formats to get them ready for recording.

From beginners to profs, BTV Solo can accommodate them all.

In addition to the standard features above, there are even more great custom features worth noting. The custom kit builder mode allows you to drag and drop the sounds right into the pad. You can source them from a vast library, or you can also import your own sounds. Inspiration flows from mixing and matching. Similarly, with custom instruments mode, you can easily put together your signature sound by dragging the samples to the pads and then choosing octaves for the instrument to span across, and you can even add layers.

Another unique and great feature is that users can also finalize patterns in the song mode by placing them in the order to be played and choosing the number of times each one should loop. Listen to your chosen song and directly export it as a broadcast-ready track so that it can be easily used in the studio. With BTV Solo, it's easy to adjust swing, bar length and notes in the real time. It can also work seamlessly with a MIDI controller.

BTV Solo is Priced Just Right!

The BTV Solo package comes with more than 1000 high quality samples that also include hits played on the radio. You also get unlimited access to the member's area and full technical support. This software comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

At just $39.95, this the mother of all values! You'd expect to pay thousands for a comparable software program or even more if you wanted to take the traditional route of buying up a warehouse full of machines.

Johnny "Never Wrong" Song fancied himself as a DJ in the 80s and in Philly. These days, he still loves making music and reviews music producing software. Definitely check out his beatmaker review site .

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