Budget Friendly Dog Cake Recipes

Frugal Finds: Dog Cake Recipes That Save You Money

With some bakeries out there that specialize just in dog treats, owners can find that they are spending upwards of $30 to $40 just on one cake! Finding and baking your own dog cake recipes is a cost-effective idea to use basic ingredients in a new way. Additionally, some bags of specially formulated dog food can cost up to $50 or more for a good-sized bag that doesn't even last that long. Luckily, you can also find hundreds of homemade dog food recipes to fill this need as well.

Become Informed

The trickiest part about making your own dog cake recipes or homemade dog food recipes is that you have to try to balance the ingredients and necessary nutrients yourself. Often times, it is a good idea to take your recipes to your veterinarian to get them checked out for your dog's weight, breed and nutritional needs. Don't limit yourself to the Internet for information either. Check out the library for books on dog cake recipes or homemade dog food recipes to double check your information.

Beware of False Information

The dog food companies want you to believe that only they have the correct formulas to provide for your pet's needs. Upon further examination, it appears as the big name brands just pack their food full of ingredients that are wasted calories. Dog cake recipes allow for owners to be in control of what their dogs are eating when they are given a special treat. Don't let big companies intimidate you into believing that homemade dog food recipes aren't a good option for owners.

Provide a Wide Variety of Ingredients

Dogs can be complicated. Fed the same thing day after day, it is no surprise that they go begging for people food. If you choose to make dog cake recipes at home, or any dog recipes for that matter, variety is key. Include meat, lots of veggies and a dairy product, like egg or cheese, and you are sure to have a winning recipe. You could also consider adding things like calcium and fish oil to the recipe to pack more of a nutrient punch.

Gradually Transition Your Pets

Owners should never try to switch their pet's dietary habits in a drastic, sudden way. Because dogs become acclimated to the food that they are being fed throughout the years, making a gradual switch is best. This is more the case with homemade dog food recipes than with dog cake recipes, since dog cakes are more of an infrequent treat.

Many pet owners care deeply for their animals, and cooking for them is one way that they show it. No more are the days of blindly accepting what major companies tell you. Seeking out healthy and balanced dog cake recipes and homemade dog food recipes is a good way to lengthen the life of your pet. Most people like to know what is in what they are eating, and with the love they have for their pets, the same is true for their furry friends.

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