Burst Pipes - What You Can Do

A piping system that is installed in any place will have its various challenges. This is due to the contents that the pipes carry and also the external forces which interfere with the proper functioning of the pipes. Sections of a piping system can experience various kinds of problems such as burst pipes.

Plumbers that have experience in repairing all kinds of burst pipes using methods that are effective so that the results can last for a long time. There are different technologies which are used by plumbers to repair burst pipes.

Causes Of Burst Pipes

There are a variety of reasons which can cause pipes to burst. The most common reason is the presence of ice in the pipes. During very cold seasons, the water in the pipes turns to ice which occupies a higher volume than liquid water. The ice exerts pressure onto the pipes in order to get space and the pipes end up bursting.

There are normally shifts that are experienced on the ground whereby the amount of soil that was previously lying on top of the pipes can increase. This can cause the pipes to cave in due to the increased weight and they may end up bursting.

You may have old pipes which were laid a long time ago and which can end up bursting. These old pipes which are made from steel can corrode and the result is burst pipes. Plumbers prefer to replace the pipes rather than repair them in such a case.

Plumbing Emergency

A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency because water that leaks from the pipe goes to waste. The water can also cause extensive damage to property and that is why the problem should be addressed immediately. When you realize that you are dealing with a burst pipe, the first thing you can do is to shut down the main water supply of the building. You can then call several plumbers and explain the situation.

The plumbers will quote for you what you will be charged for them to come and repair the burst pipes. You can then settle for one and have him come over as soon as possible to deal with the problem.

Effects Of Burst Pipes

If you have burst pipes in the building, the water will flood and will cause damage to property that is in the building. A leaking pipe that is concealed can be difficult to detect at first. Since the leak happens slowly, it seeps onto the floor or the walls of the building. You may only realize that there was a burst pipe after some time.

The leaked water can easily find its way to the electric wiring of the building. It is therefore important not to touch any electric gadget until repairs are complete on the burst pipes. Plumbers will be able to access pipes which are hidden under the floor, behind walls and in the basement so as to carry out repairs.

Avoiding The Risk Of Burst Pipes

Pipes which ran through areas of the house which are not heated should have a high quality covering to protect them from bursting. Pipes and taps which are located outside are more prone to bursting and should therefore be insulated.

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