Business Communication: Latest Tech Trends In 2015

The year 2015 brings great new changes for the companies. Business Communication tech trends are making it easier for the employees to get motivated and work harder. What's best, is the use of better communication tools.

With the advent of new communication technologies and services in 2015, businesses should have extensive knowledge on the latest trends to gain advantage over competitors. Some of the latest tech trends, which the companies are using in 2015, for better productivity and growth, are as under:

Smartphone Usage Increases

Tablets and Smartphones applications usage has accelerated because of simplicity, portability and convenience. That is why many companies have reconfigured the server based applications to access their tablets or smartphones. Employees, in many parts of the world prefer to use their personal gadgets for business over laptops and PC's.

Unifying Communications

Integrated communications such as audio and video conferencing, web solutions and other collaborating tools can be used via UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). Since this service has recently moved to cloud, businesses can now use this tool for optimum productivity. The UCaaS is very cost effective for all business sizes.

Cloud Computing

The continuous growth of cloud computing services has changed the way a business worked. Companies have become more effective and the client satisfaction also improved. Many businesses have adopted the hosted VoIP to avoid extra costs and complexities. Productivity of those businesses are increasing that are integrating VoIP with CRM (Customer Resource Management) because this helps the individuals or firms to access the client's information in a better, easier way.

Expanding Budget on IT

Companies have expanded their budget for the IT services. This is because IT products and services greatly help in running the work place better, for the growth of both the employees and customers. Spending on IT is regarded as an investment by many employers. Gartner Inc., in 2015, forecasted that the IT spending will grow by 2.4% in 2015.

WebRTC Growth

WebRTC helps the organizations for quality communications. It does not require plug-ins. This includes web, audio, text, video chat as well as file sharing. There is so much more to WebRTC, which stands for Real Time Communication between the web and cell phone applications.

Kira Makagon, EVP of Innovation for RingCentral has stated that, the organizations have become more productive and efficient because of the tech communication usage in 2015. The employees also get flexible working hours as well.

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